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Jun 28, 2007 07:46 AM

Airport layover in New Orleans


This coming Sunday, I'm flying home through New Orleans, and I have a three and 1/2 hour layover at the international airport around dinner time. I've never been to the city before, and I'm wondering if I have enough to take a taxi to and from the city, eat at an interesting restaurant, and get back to the airport. Unless it's really, really expensive, I don't mind the cost of a taxi, I'm pretty motivated to have dinner in the city.

Also, I'd be grateful for a restaurant suggestion of a place open Sunday night, that serves food very distinctive to New Orleans. I'd love to try Creole, I really enjoy duck, and oysters, but I'll eat almost anything. My only limitations are the amount of time I have - also, I won't have an upscale outfit on, so I need a place that won't be bothered if I'm dressed somewhat casually - I'm from Los Angeles, and we have very few restaurants that you need to get really dressed up for, but I don't know what folks generally do in New Orleans.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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  1. There is actually some pretty good seafood in the airport at Acme Oyster House. It's a branch of the restaurant in the quarter. Three hours isn't much time and there is nothing in the area of the airport that I could recommend. If you insist on leaving the airport, I would get a cab over to Veterans Highway and try something like Houston's. It's kind of a local chain and very popular with the locals. The seafood there is pretty good, too.

    1. I don't think you have time to get to many of the really excellent restaurants that are mentioned on this board. The airport is at least 20 minutes from downtown [not factoring in traffic/hailing a cab before & after]...I wouldn't want to risk it, especially with the higher volumes of travelers checking into security, etc for the summer.

      I must admit, you've stumped me a bit. You could try Drago's in Metairie...that's great seafood and not terribly too far away. They're usually pretty fast & definitely casual.

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        I agree; traffic to & fro the airport can be a bear, so you're better off sticking to the 'burbs. My first thought was Le Parvenu, but it is closed on Sunday nights. Then I thought of the new Ardoise on Vets--also closed on Sundays. So there's the old airport-area standby: Harbor Seafood, a casual seafood joint open 7 days. If you like oysters, you'll do fine here. It has a typical boiled-fried south Louisiana seafood shack menu, is decidedly unfancy, and filled to the gills with locals. Another plus is its proximity to the airport, which means you can have a leisurely meal without stressing over your transit times.

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          I most definitely second Harbor Seafood. Good food, really cheap, and totally local.

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          Drago's in Metarie was the first place I thought of. Unfortunately, they are not open on Sunday!

        3. modest thought.

          you don't have time to head into the city. a creative person such as yourself could easily arrange a muffuletta delivery from central grocery to your airport. i know that this is a tough assignment but take pause and consider the alternatives.

          if you are flying first/business class, you will seriously trump your airline's food (be sure to load up on "free" beer and wine). if you are flying coach, request air marshal assistance to discourage the hungry hordes.

          hope this helps.

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            Great idea. Unfortunately, Central Grocery is closed Sunday and Monday!

            Here's an up-to-date link for restaurant info (hours, closing days, etc.):


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              We are Drago's fans. Awesome stuff. You might have just enough time to get there, grab some charbroiled oysters (unbelievably good) some Abita Ambers and then skedaddle back to Louis Armstrong.

              1. re: GroovinGourmet

                yeah, nowhere in the city would work with only three and half hours, and half an hour cab ride each way.

                acme in the airport might just be the best suggestion.

                1. re: kevin

                  I beg to differ; Kenner is easily accessible and has some food options; see above. In addition, you can easily get to 1)Kenner Seafood on Loyola, 2)Copeland's or Zea at the Esplanade Mall (you could do worse in terms of chain food, really, and both are open on Sunday).

            2. While I will defer to others about restaurants open on Sunday in the burbs, I did pick up smothered greens and other offerings from the Praline Connection on concourse B for a flight to Dallas, and their food was suprisingly good.

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                is that related to the one on frenchman st, in the marigny? thanks.