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Locally made ice-cream & sorbets - recommendations???

I used to live in Boston - where there are tons of ice-cream places that make their own ice cream...now, I go to The Dairy Godmother in Del Ray for their wonderful sorbets and custard (last week, had a Thai ice coffee sorbet there that was AWESOME!).

Any other local joints you can recommend? I've been to the one in Old Town and didn't like it much...

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  1. Lazy Sundae just off of Route 7 in Falls Church. Used to be in Clarendon, but now only sends their truck there.

    1. Max's Best, in Glover Park. It is so rich and creamy, and his flavors are really interesting.

      1. Max's in Washington DC on Wisconsin Ave: this was a chowhound recommendation, I think from Steve.

        York Castle in Silver Spring on Georgia Ave: They have a large tropical flavor selection. I think the ownership is Jamaican.

        Woody's in Fairfax: This is a local soft serve stand with seasonal hours and is closed Sundays. Prices are reasonable and dogs eat free.

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          I love, love, love York Castle. Guava, passion fruit, banana, and coconut pie are all amazing!

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            Speaking of York Castle...it seems we have lost the location that they had opened in Beltsville. One day it was there when I drove by, the next time--not. :-(

          2. Thelma's in Great Falls. Sadly, she died a few years back, but I hear it's still in business in the same old gas station/general store from the 30's.

            1. Moorenko's Ice Cream Cafe in McLean is pretty good, though pretty expensive. Some unusual flavors.


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                there's also a branch in silver spring now.

              2. Do any of these places offer yogurt gelato (yogurt ice cream, if there is such a thing). Recently, we were in Italy and I fell in love with a dessert of yogurt gelato, honey, and pine nuts. Everything about this simple dish was perfect: The tang of the gelato contrasted with the sweetness of the honey and the creaminess of gelato/honey contrasted with the pine nuts. I'd love to find yogurt gelato in the N. Virginia area, preferably but I'm willing to cast a wider net.


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                  I have no idea if it's "yogurt gelato" but Dolcezza up on Wisconsin Avenue is very, very good. It's an Argentine gelato place and they always seem to use whatever is in season in their gelato. I was there last week and tried the "frutilla con tequila" - simply delicious. And a perennial flavor favorite is of course the dulce de leche. It never seems to be nearly as crowded as Thomas Sweet and I think it's much better.