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Jun 28, 2007 07:25 AM

cancellation policy at French Laundry

hi, does anyone know what the cancellation policy is at french laundry? i did a search and am finding mixed things. is there a fee no matter how far in advance you cancel?


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  1. I bet there is a chowhounder out there eager to go in your stead.

    1. you've got that right............I'll take it!

      When is it?

      I checked OpenTable for you but they are not listed there anymore.

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      1. re: MSK

        My mistake about's listed as "The French Laundry" instead of just "French Laundry" but it does not state the cancellation policy.

      2. Per Se was 48 hours last year or a $100 pp fee. It should say on the recording, though -- why don't you call the confirmation number provided to you?

        1. unfortunately i don't have a reservation. i just wanted to know what the policy was before i embarked on that adventure. :)