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Jun 28, 2007 06:26 AM

Fresh fennel

Looking for the best use to use my Fresh fennel. I've red about some good fennel & potato salads. What do you guys like to use fennel with?

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  1. I steam green beans, slice the fennel very finely(either by hand or mandoline). I serve it as a salad with a lemon juice vin and shaved Parm.

    1. saute it with some onion and use in risotto.

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        Mostly raw, as a savory after the meal. Great roasted in wedges with pork; superb in a sliced orange, black olive, red onion, and thinly shaved fennel salad, dressed with good extra virgin olive oil and a bit of fresh orange juice from the leftover peel. Scatter the fronds on top.

      2. I personally like Fennel Gratin made with a good quality parmesan cheese. Great served lukewarm.

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          I like to layer fennel with potatoes and mushrooms in a gratin. top with a bit of Gruyère'

          Fennel also goes great oven roasted with potatoes, with the addition of onions.

          Fennel is a great to substitute for celery in a summer mirepoix. It can be stronger then celery, so you might want to try it 50/50 with celery.

        2. Fennel goes really well with tomatoes. I use it in stewed or slow cooked tomato dishes like pasta sauces, cioppino, and as part of the base in a tomato soup.

          Also, tomato salad is great with some thinly sliced raw fennel. I marinate mine in lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper for about 30 minutes. Use some heirloom tomatoes and toss them with the fennel.

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            I like to braise it with red onions and apples and use it as a side with seared fish or even roast pork

          2. Fennel is one of those diecious plants that does not have the reproductive capacity in a single plant. The female plant is sweeter than the male plant. The female plant is more bulbous that the root end while the male plant has an elongated shape similar to celery. We always get the female plant which is used in several Italian-style dishes and salads.

            I often use fennel as a substitute for celery in recipes that call for the latter. We've also eaten it uncooked as if it were celery.

            Let your imagination run wild, or to quote the title of a 1962 movie that was on TCM last night..."Walk On The Wild Side." The theme song from the movie is a favorite of mine.

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              du. du-du. du,du-du-du. She said "hey babe".......

              Well that's very interesting. I bought a fennel plant (for the garden) and it is about as sorry as my dill. I had huge hopes after purchasing what were obviously female plants from the grocery. How would you know what the gender is when purchasing a garden plant?

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                Mi dispiace, SweetPea! I don't have solution to the garden plant problem unless the plant is already developing stalks and you can see if the root end of the stalks are voluptuous.

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                Good call on the celery sub. I've used it in mirepoix and sofrito as a sub for some of the onion too.