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Jun 28, 2007 06:13 AM

Providence question

I'm going to dinner at Providence with my girlfriend this Sunday; it is my first visit. Can anybody guide me on which tasting menu to try? I am thinking mostly about food quantity, since the price difference is only about $25 between the five course menu and the larger tasting menu. I can be a big eater, but if I can get a general sense of the artistry of the food with the five-course tasting menu, I might be inclined to do that.

Any thoughts?

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  1. I always go for wither the 9 course, or the chef's tasting menu (however many courses he does that night)

    Or, you could get the 5 course, and tack on the dessert tasting menu.

    If you're a big eater, do more courses. Each course is small, but with wine, bread, and many different courses, you'll be very full.

    If you can swing the Chef's, the most expensive of the three, you won't regret it.
    But then, you won't regret ANYTHING you eat at Providence.

    Did you ask for the "worst table in the house" to get your 10% savings?

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    1. re: Diana

      Is the "worth table in the house" savings thing for real? If so, is it truly a bad/uncomfortable place to be?

      1. re: chucktowneater

        it's the worst table, and no, it isn't a bad table at all.

        It was for real when I did it.

    2. Just went last night for the first time. We did the 5-course with wine pairings. Excellent experience. I like the fact that there is an option for 5, 9 and chef's menu. Too often there is only one choice for a tasting menu. The pacing was excellent. Service attentive. Amount of food was fine. In the end, for a school day, I didn't feel overwhelmed with the 5-course. The 9-course might have been over-the-top. There was an amuse bouche to start as well. Great food. Meticulously prepared.

      And the "worst table" is fine. We sat near it and it has the most traffic going by but certainly not too bad.

      1. I think 5 course is the way to go.

        9 course TM makes it feel like you your watching molasses drip on a cold winter's morning ... it takes forever (think 2-3 hours).

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          it takes a while, but in my experience, you don't notice. tehy give you just enough time to savor one course before bringing another out, and while they aren;t intrusive, the manager, server, and waiter are always aware of how you are doing.

          I have never felt rushed, but never been bored, either.

        2. We went a few weeks ago for the 1st time...requested the "worst table" and it was actually a very nice table. Not only did we save 10%, since we went on a Monday we also took advantage of the no corkage fee. We brought a few different bottles of wine (they have no limit) and did the 9-course tasting. I've heard the 5-course is not that filling. It was fabulous, even though it did take close to 3 hours as someone else noted!!!

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          1. re: Obessed

            I think if you are going to go with a tasting menu, a certain length of time should almost be expected, mainly as a way to savor the experience.
            With Providence, I find that 5 courses is too few for me...but I love to eat, a either do the 5 courses with Chef Adrian's dessert tasting menu, or the 9 course TM.

          2. i've had both the 5 and 9 and i recommend the latter. i wasn't hungry after the 5, but i wasn't full either. the extra courses in the 9 are really worth the additional $25. if you're going all out, go for the chef's tasting menu.

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