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Jun 28, 2007 05:32 AM

Good Place to buy Green Tea (loose leaf) in Prospect Heights/Park Slope

Anyone know of a good place where I can purchase some quality Gen Mai Cha or other loose-leaf Green Tea in the Prospect Heights/Park Slope area? (Flatbush around 5th/6th/7th aves is good)


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  1. Try the middle eastern market on Atlantic Ave at 4th (right next to the Dunkin Donuts). They have a good selection of black and green teas.

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    1. re: salmonskin

      Ah, good idea. And it's all loose leaf tea?

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        I believe that they have a selection of both loose and bagged green tea, although I usually get the ceylon black tea. They also have a really good butcher shop in the back with great lamb at good prices.

    2. Naidre's on 7th Avenue btwn 11& 12 Streets carry a whole lotta loose teas, and they are organic. That's where I buy my tea...

      1. Please dont laugh, but the green tea currently being sold at Costco (in high tech tea bags) is excellent. Its produced exclusively for Kirkland by Ito En in Japan and results in a very nice brew.

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          I was just going to make the same suggestion. I traveled through Japan about a year ago, and was looking all over for green tea comparable to what I bought over there. I tried a lot of different teas, and the Costco in the tea bags was the best by far. It is a blend of matcha and sencha. Matcha is the tea that is used in tea ceremonies. It is very green (like grass green) and powdery. Sencha is top quality every day tea. If you notice, a little green powder leaks out of the costco tea bags. Thats the matcha. For tea ceremonies they whip it with a bamboo whisk into a frothy green drink. I hope the Costco version catches on, because how much tea can one person use, and I keep worrying that the next time I want it, they won't carry it anymore. You know how costco is always changing products.

        2. Tea Lounge will sell their tea loose by the ounce. I've also ordered loose tea from Tea Luxe, a Boston based chain. It's worth requesting a catalogue from Tea Luxe because they send you free tea samples with it.