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Jun 28, 2007 12:38 AM

Dinner in Paris first few nights

Hunds,chiens~I am working on our reservations for our trip to France. We will be staying in the Marais and landing at CDG on a Friday. We are thinking of Chez Denise the first noc, L'Ami Jean #2 and Benoit on Sunday. We do not wish to go with a set menu.
One night (probably a Monday) will be at our old time favorite L'homme Bleu in the 11th. If I decide to save Benoit for our return 2 days at the end of our trip, where might we dine in the 3rd/4th on a Sunday keeping in mind we will have eaten at L'Ami Jean the pm before?

BTW~We are big fans of La Mascotte in Montmarte. Has anyone eaten there recently on a Sunday?

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