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Jun 27, 2007 10:19 PM

1 day in NYC

I'll finally be making a day trip this Saturday (to see the last matinee of Company at the Barrymore theater). It's not even close to as much time as I'd like to spend there, but I plan to at least go to Di Fara and some place for gelato (thinking about Il Laboratio). These places are not close to each other, as far as I can tell, but I'm desperate to go from what I've heard.

What other (casual) places would you guys strongly suggest that I (an impoverished student) check out, things that New Yorkers in the diaspora search for (in vain!) everywhere else? (Case in point: pizza.)

And, I happen to be lucky enough to have access to excellent Vietnamese/Chinese, Lebanese, Moroccan, Indian, and seafood from my family and where I live in MA, so not those....

Thanks for any advice you can give me!

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  1. run to Katz's on e. houston street before they close!!!

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    1. Or Russ and Daughter's for a bagel and lox (nova). It would be perfect to go to have for the ride back home.

      BTW I loved Company. If you are a Sondheim fan you will not be dessapointed. Enjoy!

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        Sondheim fan and Esparza fan; I'm so excited. Thanks for your suggestions guys!

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              Pastrami salmon is a signature creation of Chef David Burke. I had it when he was executive chef at Park Avenue Cafe, where I believe he first introduced it. It's currently on the menu at David Burke & Donatella and in NJ at David Burke's Fromagerie.


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            And if you're going to Katz's and Russ and Daughter's might as well do the holy trinity and stop at Yonah Schimmel for a potato knish and a bowl of borscht.

          2. "[N] not close to each other" is putting it mildly since Di Fara is in Brooklyn and Il Laboratoria is on the LES in Manhattan.

            Contrary to the alarmists, Katz's is not in imminent danger of closing. It's all rumors. Still, it's worth going there for a superb pastrami sandwich, particularly since it's walking distance from Il Laboratorio.

            Enjoy the show and Bon Appetit!

            1. do yourself a favor and go to Bite. there's a few think, but the one i always go to is on 14th and 3rd ave. once at the intersection walk east on 14th and Bite is on the north side of the street. the mediterranean mushroom sandwich is absolutely amazing. you could get some pastries at Veniero's on 11th between 2nd and 1st ave

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