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Jun 27, 2007 08:42 PM

any news on abercrombrie in balt?

heard it's closed... any news??

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      1. re: chauncey

        How ironic, less than a month after the Sun re-reviewed them and awarded them 3.5 stars.

        Closed...for remodeling? The new owners (who purchased from ex-chef Sonny's dad) are Turkish, so perhaps they are revamping for a different kind of cuisine?

    1. I received an email from Balt Foodies this morning and it said they are looking for a new chef and plan to reopen as soon as they find one. Saffron is closed as well while they look for someone to replace Edward Kim. They are hoping to reopen July 30th

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        1. re: Pool Boy

          whats the story behind these two closings? anyone know? ive been out of the loop

          1. re: Pool Boy

            I doubt either place is in a rush to reopen. July and August are DEAD in Mt Vernon. Most of the restaurants are operating with half the normal business at best. It may be the best time to regroup and get ready for fall.

        2. Chef Mike actually left a couple of days ago. The circumstances regarding his leaving are vague at best, but the fact remains that he left and the new owners have closed during their search for a new exec. I was there last night and there is no remodeling going on. Regarding the cuisine, I am presuming that will be in the hands of the new chef.