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Jun 27, 2007 08:28 PM

DC Chowhounder seeks eateries in W.Village

There are four of us coming in July with a place on Christopher St and seeking good places to eat lunch and dinner. Good food is our first priority with proximity next. Thanks.

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  1. I'm particularly fond of Cafe De Brussels on Greenwich Avenue. Belgian. Mussels are excellent and the fries are as good as they get. The list of Belgian Ale is extensive.

    Is there any particular cuisine you are looking for?

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    1. re: batterypark

      We like most foods, although seafood, all asian, french, and italian are among our favorites. As I said, quality is our priority, ambiance not so much, although nice,

      1. re: BarbHelm

        Is Roll & Dough in operation again? Anyone know? That's the first place I thought of in terms of "Asian" food in that area. Although Barb, you'd probably be best off going to Chinatown for Chinese food, or to Chelsea (24th St. and 9th Av.) or St. Marks Place (between 2nd and 3rd Avs.) for Grand Sichuan.

        1. re: Pan

          Roll and Dough is currently outta business.

    2. do a west village search you will find lots. i like
      little owl
      aoc bedford
      snack taverna
      da andrea
      joe's pizza (just for a slice)

      these are all winners!

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      1. re: jsmitty

        Crispo, August, Piccolo Angolo (for some "red sauce" Italian), Good (great brunch), Agave (for a margarita or two...I think they make the best 'ritas in town), and if there's not much of a line, grab a cupcake or banana pudding at Magnolia Bakery

        1. re: LeahBaila

          Disagreements about whether it's worth getting cupcakes at Magnolia aside (I think it isn't), is there ever not much of a line there?

          1. re: Pan

            Not sure when the line is smaller than other times, but I absolutely think it's worth getting a cupcake at Magnolia (if you're a "sweets" person). IMO, they're unique and I've not had one similar in another city.

      2. Legigot. love to go there for a perfectly executed dinner. The waiters know how to take care of you perfectly without being pretentious or overbearing... the food is delicious. i usually take the escargot and oysters, and then lobster or steak. thou I have tried others these are my favs. Defiantly save room for dessert (bread pudding) +/- $70 per head with wine.

        1. Here are some favorites:

          Favorite coffee = Jack's on W. 10th. Get there early if you want a bagel (from Murray's I think).
          Favorite falafel, etc. = Taim on Waverly.
          Favorite dinner = Annisa on Barrow.

          There's great food on Cornelia...Pearl Oyster Bar, Le Gigot, Po.
          Other favorites: Wallse on W.11th? and Greenwich for modern Austrian. Grey Dog on Carmine or Alexandra on Morton for a casual lunch. Mary's Fish Camp on W. 4th (be prepared to wait, although you can grab a drink elsewhere and they call your cell when you're up). Spotted Pig and Little Owl, but you will have to wait a long time for a table at the former and book a table now for the latter. For a cheap no frills but good French cafe lunch, try Le Gamin on Hudson (near Christopher). For an elegant dinner, Mas on Downing.

          Bedford has a streak of good restaurants. Blue Ribbon for brunch or dinner. AOC Bedford for elegant French fare. Ino for casual Italian bruschetta etc. Snack Taverna for Greek.

          1. Here's a really good list of Greenwich Village restaurants -

            my favorites in the West Village are Gusto, Mary's Fish Camp, Pearl Oyster Bar, the Spotted Pig, Po and Blue Hill...