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Jun 27, 2007 08:23 PM

Korean Restaurants Orlando/Daytona Area

My mom recently moved to New Smyrna Beach and really wants to find a Korean restaurant in her general area. Any price point is fine, and she is willing to travel about an hour. I'm coming for a visit this week, and she will be picking me up in Orlando, so it's no problem to drive there. I know of one Korean Grocer in Daytona, but not familiar with Florida at all, so I hope you guys can help me out! Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Of the ones I have tried, I like Shin Jung, 1638 E Colonial Dr, Orlando - (407) 895-7345, the best. It's been there a long time, the menu is extensive, staff is accustomed to both Kiren guests familiar with the food and other who are not.

    Korea Garden, 1155 W State Road 434 # 121, Longwood - (407) 767-9363, is also good and was a favorite of Se Ri Pak a few years back,


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      I agree with Shin Jung. I was a little weary in going to this (or any Korean) restaurant, but it was a great experience! I ordered the galbi bbq and neng myun. The galbi bbq was really good (greatly seasoned, and had all the right bahnchan); the neng myun was alright - a little blend, but still refreshing!

      A little pricey, but delicious! It definitely satiated my Korean food craving! And, the servers were hilarious and incredibly nice!

    2. There is also Haru's in Melbourne, at two locations now, one on 192 in Melbourne, one on A1A beachside.

      A little bit upscale... They are mostly known for their excellent sushi, but it is Korean run and has some excellent Korean items on the menu, I am sure they will also do specialties upon request.

      1. Where is there a Korean grocer in Daytona?
        I know there's a Taiwanese place on Ridgewood Ave (U.S. 1) in South Daytona, I think just south of Reed Canal Road, but Daytona doesn't strike me as the place for fantastic cuisine of ANY Asian persuasion.

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          thanks everyone for the responses, i'm looking forward to heading to some of these places! covert ops, i'll get back to you about where the grocer is when i go there this week with my mom.

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            Have you tried 1st Oriental on Colonial over by where Kirkmann ends? It's in the same plaza as the E-Pass office. I've found just about everything I (Ok, my mom was visiting and she) found everything we needed. From the most random Filipino sauces to standard chenese (Cantonese) noodles. I know I bought some Bulgogi sauce there. Don't remember seeing any KimChee, since mom is kind enough to send care packages through other friends and family.