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Jun 27, 2007 08:08 PM

Tonight's Top Chef -- Potato Dumplings?

Totally intrigued by the chicken and dumplings Dale made on Top Chef tonight. Anyone ever used mashed potatoes (or instant potatoes, like he did) to make dumplings? I'm always on the lookout for a new way to make dumplings..

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  1. my grandmother made a dish called kluski -- potato dumplings served with pork shoulder -- which i've never been able to replicate (it's one of the things she didn't write down, sadly). here's a version that's pretty good, though i can only vouch for the dumplings themselves. when nana made it, it was served with shreds of pork shoulder in an oniony gravy. mmmmmm


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      kluski is generic term for Polish doughy side dishes without filling.

      Part of my family hails from Silesia and potato noodles/dumplings are so common as to be looked at with contempt...

      I'll bet the secret to your grandmother's pork shoulder was simplicity -- even to this day I'd be surprised if my nearly 90 year aunts use more than a thimble full of spices. Of course see does use bacon grease, which adds a whollop of fat, salt and flavor. And she will sometimes toss some prunes into the roasting pan too...

    2. here's a link to dale's recipe on the bravo website:

      1. My grandma actually prefers to use instant mashed potatoes when she makes her gnocchi - she says they hold together better. Just an FYI

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