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Jun 27, 2007 07:07 PM

Help! I need a very dark, sexy place for drinks for tomorrow evening!

Ideally in the East 20's (or West 20's) but I a willing to go a bit out of my radius for
a truly great place.
It would be nice if it had some food, but good wine and drinks, and most importantly, atmosphere, is most important. (dark, sexy & cozy)

One more thing...I'd prefer a place that isn't super noisy.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I can't remember the name but it is on 17th st. east of Park ave. South. It is on the backside of the W hotel. I'm not sure if it is associated with the hotel but you could call to check and get the name.They have tables with sofas enclosed with fabric so you sort of have your own room if you choose to close the curtains. VERY smoochy!!

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    1. re: foody1964

      That place is called Underbar. And it's eh.
      Flatiron Lounge or Aspen might work. Both in the 20s.
      Actually, the bar at Gramercy Park Hotel would be perfect. Make a reservation or you'll have trouble getting in.

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        Are you talking about Underbar? I might also suggest Angel's Share on 9th st and 2nd ave they make great drinks and never noisy other than that Milk and Honey in the LES. But I assume that is out of your radius.

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          To be clear, you want the lounge there, not the bar in front. They are strict about letting non-guests in.

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            I was going to suggest Underbar. The basement bar in the Coffee Shop is also dark and sexy (especially if they have the fireplace going). However, both places have mediocre overpriced drinks.

          2. Head south and goto Temple Bar. I know they serve food but I couldn't tell you much about that but the drinks are good and the atmosphere is sexy/romantic.

            1. more midtown, but when i think dark and sexy, i think of the cellar bar in the bryant park hotel.

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                les enfantes terrible..out of your way (LES) but so what you're looking for. very dark. very sexy. great drinks and really good food.

              2. Flute is perfect for what you need - great wine and champagne selection, very comfortable seating, low lighting and small food items like chocolate dipped strawberries. They play very sensual music, loud enough so you can't hear other people but low enough that you can talk.

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