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Jun 27, 2007 06:46 PM

PhX Dinner Suggestions 16th & Bethany home

Looking for a casaul place near 16th St & Bethany Home to have dinner. Been to Richardsons and Phoenix City Grille looking for something different. Will be heading towards the 17 and Happy Valley so anything in between would work. thanks

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  1. I kind of think 16th should be re-named Chow Ave, because of all the good options. If you're willing to head south there's Tradiciones at the Ranch Market. There's Barrio Cafe. There's Coupe des Tartes, which is admittedly maybe more neighbohoody than casual but everyone there is so nice. There's Zest. And the new/old place that opened, 24th & Camelback, Oscar Taylor, although that's a little scene-y. I wouldn't turn my nose up at any of these -- good luck.

    1. I've yet to go to Richardsons but have thrice gone to Dick's Hideaway, which I wish had a few more outposts. For 99% of my meals, I don't need linen or the seen scene. I like good staff, good drinks, good food and you got to love a place where they are grilling behing the bar, which happens to be the best seating. I'm actually adverse to trying the bigger Richardson's (and the other new place) as I really like the small, bistro feel of Dicks. I'd be interested to know if you or others can compare/contrast the experiences.

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        Have you tried Rokerij, another place run/owned by the Richardson's group (the other new place tastyjon mentions)? It's just up the street from Richardson's (N on 16th) and I like it quite a bit - I recommend the basement. More of the small, intimate feel that Jon mentions liking.

        Also, just up the road a bit further (N on 16th) is Marcellino's and Super Dragon - both of which get rave reviews regularly.

      2. if you're going north on 7th st try Basis at T-bird on the NW corner. great wine list and creative American cuisine, Salute also has good Italian on the SW corner.
        If you're going on the freeway, it's all chain restaraunts

        1. Which direction will you head on I-17? If you are going N., then take 16th to Northern, the N. on 7th St to Thunderbird. On the NW corner, not far from the Papa John's Pizza, and facing Thunderbird, is Basis New American Restaurant. Very good food, service, and fun wines. Call ahead, as they are rather small.


          [EDIT] Duh, I should read EVERY thread, before replying! Of the two, I'd opt for Basis. Salute (7th St) has been in decline for some years. Have not tried the new place in Desert Ridge yet. Just take my post as a Second to yours!!

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            Reportedly, Salute in Desert Ridge closed. Maybe they focused attention back at 7th St and TBird?

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              Interesting. I had not heard this. When we move to the Valley, we thought it was good (7th St), but noticed a decline in the first few years. About the time that it headed downhill, for us, Basis opened and we tapered off on Salute. Since wine is a big, big plus for us, their list is lacking, and the food has just been OK, for the last few years. Service has been spotty, with some real awkward moments. I wish them well, and hope that they revive the earlier food and service in the Shaw Butte location.

              Thanks for the update,

          2. My hood! in addition to these recommendations:

            Mediterranean House, next door to Richardson's -- overlooked, underrated, friendly to vegetarians.

            TexAz Grill -- NE corner of 16th/BH, competely opposite in all ways from the last recco. Chicken-fried steaks, inexpensive, decent broiled steaks, casual, fun attitude.

            Convivo -- 16th/Glendale, at one time a terrific little contemporary bistro ... have no idea what they're doing now.

            Harvey's The Original Wineburger King, 16th/Camelback -- classic dive bar with very good burgers and fries.

            For pizza, Spinato's at 12th St. & Glendale has a nice little dining room and a small handful of dishes in addition to the thin-crust Chicago-style pie; Pat's Pizza Plus just west of 12th on Glendale has good New York pizza but I wouldn't eat there, take-out only.

            Moto, 16th/Glendale, a gussied-up rice bowl place with a small sushi bar -- stay with the rice bowls.

            Arriba -- 18th/Camelback. surprisingly good Mexican with New Mexico accents, inexpensive.

            Fish Market, about 17th/Camelback, solid straight-up fresh fish grilled, also has a sushi & raw bar.

            Ajo Al's, 16th south of Colter -- straight-up gringo Mex & margaritas.

            Some old timers/neighborhood peeps like Feeney's at 12th St. & Maryland -- steaks, etc. -- I've never been.

            5 & Diner, 16th/Colter -- stay away -- awful.

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                I had lunch there once and as I recall I ordered my rice bowl at the counter and it was delivered to me at my table. It appeared that people were being served at the small sushi bar. I haven't been there in the evening, when some places set up like this convert to full-service.