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Jun 27, 2007 06:22 PM

Ocean Ave between Plymouth and Victoria

Hi everyone. I was driving on Ocean Ave yesterday and noticing all of the many many restaurants. This is one of those places (Ocean Ave, that is) that I've just discovered is amazingly easy to get to from our house. I figured rather than just guess I'd ask if anyone has any recommendations for restaurants in that area. They all look to be pretty inexpensive and many Asian options but also a couple of pizza joints and the like as well. Cuisine doesn't matter...just anywhere you have a preference for and, hopefully, whatever that preference is. Thanks!

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  1. I really like Mayflower on Ocean at Miramar for really good Bun Thit Nuong and Pho, and sweet waitresses. Here is a link to an earlier post:

    Stay away from the newly opened and rightfully named Eat First, currently having a grand opening in the same area. We went there last week (because Mayflower was closed) and were just amazed at the bland food and awful service. If you go there you really should eat first.

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      Have you been to Pho Ha Tien? Thoughts?...

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        We go there fairly often and like it. Not great, but serviceable. I'm very happy to know about Mayflower.

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        I support all the neighborhood places, but none are my favorites. If you go to ocean Pizza, get it delivered. Going there is ok on certain nights, but it might affect your impression of the place. Pho Ha Tien is ok, and almost always busy. Mayflower has a very inexpensive breakfast, but it is not very good. I have not gone there since they started serving Pho. Emmy's is ok, about the same as lucky river on monterey. Joe's Cafe is cheap, but rivals Mayflower for most tasteless breakfast. The Sub place is ok, not like Substationin west portal, but ok. Taqueria Jalapeno has been has been good and it has sucked. Ocean Taqueria is more reliable, but you can wait a long time...and it depends on if a new person is working or not. I like Java on Ocean. The best restaurant in the area is a little Japanese place on Holloway and Ashton (two blocks up from Ocean). The Chinese Bakery across from Java on Ocean is pretty decent.

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          The Japanese place is Yama Sushi at 850 Holloway Ave. (at Jules Ave) and it's very good with really friendly service. A couple of other places to try are a bit (but not much) out of your Ocean Ave. parameters. Jitra Thai on Ocean in Lakeside Village is a good Thai place and Lakeside Cafe a couple of doors down Ocean is also quite good for hamburgers (some of my favorites in SF,) breakfasts, sandwiches, salads and very reasonable early bird dinners (5-7pm.)

          Also, Zanze's at 2405 Ocean makes excellent, light French-style cheesecake. It is really superb!!

          And Happy Bakery at 1548 Ocean makes incredibly good soy sauce chicken and roast duck both for take out or eating there (at a few tables next to the deli counter.)

          Also, I think that Lucky River on Monterey is MUCH better than Emmy's on Ocean. The only thing they have in common is that Lucky River now inhabits Emmy's old location.

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            Do you like Yama sushi better than Kamakura on Ocean? I don't think Kamakura is all that great. I have never eaten anywhere on Monterey. Any other suggestions of restaurants on that strip?

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              I've never eaten at Kamakura, but I've really enjoyed my meals at Yama Sushi. The only place that I like on Monterey is Lucky River, and I like it a lot. Here's a link to a discussion of a recent chowdown there:


              Of course, Monterey merges into Diamond in Glen Park, and there I can recommend some places:

              Gialina, a new pizzeria:

              Chenery Park, a nice restaurant with a friendly Tuesday family night -- kid's menu, stickers, etc.

              Destination Baking Company, a truly wonderful bakery up the hill on Chenery -- check out their apple crumb tarts, carrot cake, pies, cupcakes -- I like just about everything they bake.

              598 Chenery Street
              (between Castro St & Natick St
              )San Francisco, CA 94131
              (415) 469-0730
              Mon-Fri 6:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
              Sat-Sun 6:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

              Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

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                Hey thanks! I love hearing about new places and I will investigate for sure.

      3. Anybody know anything about Tavos?

        1. Ah, so this is what it feels like to have a thread hijacked :)

          Thanks for the suggestions on Ocean, I'll check them out and be sure to report back.

          All of the recommendations in Glen Park are winners, by the way.

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            ccweb, don't know if you have had a chance to try Pho Ha Tien on Ocean yet, but wanted to give a quick update: hubby and I had lunch there today. I thought both hubby's rare beef pho and my pho ga were good; better than ok, but certainly nothing outstanding. However, the ice coffee was a good step above average, and the chinese basil and cilantro that were brought out for the pho were wonderful: really fresh, really flavorful and aromatic. We split an order of shrimp rolls and they tasted heavily of the chinese basil as well. (that part was good, but otherwise they were unexciting). We speculated that perhaps the owners had been to the farmer's market that morning....

            I'd like to explore more of the area; for us it is a good location for a stop to fuel up before a shopping expedition at Stonestown Mall...