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Jun 27, 2007 06:14 PM

Dempsey's in Petaluma -- recent meals?

My dad and stepmom will be in Petaluma tomorrow and I'm going up to meet them for lunch. My dad can't be convinced not to rely on Zagat as the definitive word on where to eat, so he insists we meet at Dempsey's. How is it? What types of things do they do best? I'd rather eat right in the downtown area, but I didn't really have a vote.

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  1. You will have a fine meal at Dempsey's. Some of the food has an Asian twist. All of the food is fresh and local. The beer is great. As you are about 100 yard from DOWNTOWN I don't know why you are stressed about the location. Sit outside by the river and enjoy.

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      I agree. Dempsey's is a solid place. Really decent food, good atmosphere. However it is not very adventurous. I like Sugo's (Pet Blvd north) and Central Market (pet Blvd south) better than Dempsey's. All California cuisine but I find the latter two places less noisy.
      BTW downtown Petaluma is mighty small. You could do the loop around downtown after dinner and not be exhausted. A great way to see the river.

      1. re: fred42

        I'm not stressed about the location, but don't assume everyone knows their way around your town. I have only been to Petaluma once before. I knew I could easily get to downtown somehow, but preferred walking over driving and re-parking (have toddler with me, so it's a PITA). Nice to know it's not far at all, since my stepmom has serious mobility issues. My friend who lives in Petaluma says their flatbread sandwich is usually very good and that they have a garden where they grow a lot of their own vegetables. I think that's worth noting for the record.

        1. re: Atomica

          Dempsey's is ideal for mobility problems. It is at the edge of a large parking area. You should be able to park within steps of the restaurant. It is publike, and has very good food and beer.

          1. re: OldTimer

            I was most concerned about the walking trip between the restaurant and the rest of downtown. Stepmom could not walk across the bridge (the short way to Petaluma Blvd.) because of its very uneven surfaces, so we took the other way around on the sidewalk. We had the pork chop (great), shepherd's pie (good, but unexpectedly spicy), and various other things. One of us (not me, unfortunately) actually had a root beer float with her lunch. I wish I had done that. Got to Della Fattoria too late (again!), and they had barely anything left. Rats! Will go much earlier next time.

            1. re: OldTimer

              I agree, this is the most mobility ideal place. I think it is also a good place coming with a toddler. Parking is close and flat.

            2. re: Atomica

              We went there for lunch recently with our toddler and sat outside. It was ideal. They actually had something on their kids' menu that my son would eat: yogurt (can't wait until he outgrows this picky phase). He spilled my wine and dropped a bread plate and the waiter didn't bat an eye - he just brought lots of extra napkins. Our food and drinks were quite good.