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Jun 27, 2007 06:14 PM

Anyone been to Life on Wilshire?

Walking down Wilshire today, we saw a new place just west of Fairfax called Life Restaurant/Bar/Patio Lounge. Anyone tried it? The menu didn't look too inspiring, but there's not very many good places in walking distance of my office...

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  1. Funny coincidence. We passed this place on the way to the El Rey last night and I was wondering about it. Hopefully it's good!

    1. Are they open for lunch?

      In any case, it doesn't look too promising. The menu seems quite lacking and it's a really bad space. I'd be surprised if it lasts more than a few months.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. My boyfriend and I live just around the corner from this place, and when we couldn't figure out how to feed ourselves on Friday night, we decided to give it a try. We had low expectations because the outdoor patio is always empty, but when we walked in, we were pleasantly surprised to see a number of tables full.

          We ordered a few appetizers from the happy hour menu (chicken mojito skewers, calamari, fries), an entree ("weeping tiger" steak), and a dessert (balsamic strawberries), along with our mojitos.

          Everything was tasty, though the same chopped medley of peppers came on both the skewers and the steak, which seemed odd to us. The calamari was very lightly breaded, which was nice for "happy hour" food, and came with an Indian curry kind of sauce (we saw on the menu later that we should've also had a choice of aioli, which we might've liked more). The steak came pre-sliced, which was perfect for sharing, and had some pretty good mashed potatoes with it (making our fry order sort of unnecessary, but we were under the impression that the entree would be a la carte). The strawberries were a nice surprise and came topped with marscapone creme, but kind of drowning in balsamic. Good, but overdone. The drinks were nice and strong, though not the best mojitos we've ever had.

          In the end we were satisfied with our food, drinks and service, and would good back for happy hour (mostly because we can walk and it's decent enough).

          The biggest surprise was our bill at the end. I guess we were in happy hour mode and didn't really pay attention to how much we were ordering and what the prices were. (Don't you associate "happy hour" with "cheap"?) Anyway, four drinks (two that somehow didn't make it into the happy hour timeslot), three apps, one entree, and one dessert = $75 before tip. Next time we'll probably stick to well drinks and beer, and maybe skip the dessert!

          1. I work right across the street from Life on Wilshire. Never been, but my co-worker LOVES it!!