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Jun 27, 2007 06:08 PM

Lunch in North LB 405 at the 710?

Anyone have any recommendations for lunch in North Long Beach very close to the intersection of the 405 and the 710? Ethnic, Cafes, Pizza, Sandwich shops, burger joints etc. I think Atlantic Ave may have some spots. Any other thoughts?

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  1. Bake and Broil is on Atlantic
    If you want Japanese, also on Atlantic is Bamboo Teri House, good and inexpensive.

    1. Cafe Bixby on Atlantic. I recommend the turkey burger, monte cristo sandwich (not deep fried but made with french toast) the clam chowder (on Friday, of course) and the chicken pot pie. Also their ranch dressing is AMAZING. Breakfast all day and they actually know how to cook bacon crisp but not burnt. Pizza is so good here. Sesame seeds on the crust... heaven. I recommend the gyro and feta pizza. THEY ALSO DELIVER at no extra charge.

      Bamboo Teri House: Also delish and cheap. I recommend one of the combo lunches. Sesame chicken (don't forget your lemon wedge) spicy tuna cut rolls and mixed tempura. Get the noodles as one of your sides, so oniony and yumalicious. Good rice bowls too.

      Bake & Broil: I'd go here for dessert. Just get the red velvet cake and be the envy of Chowhounders who aren't in the area. Good homeade croutons.

      Kinokawa: Intersection of Walnut & Wardlow. Good sushi and combos. Recommend the teriyaki chicken.

      Golden Eagle: On Willow/Cross Cherry, across from Costco. Can't rave enough about this order at the counter burger/burrito joint. The staff is amazing and super friendly. Great turkey burger, chicken burritos and carne asada burritos. Zesty ranch to dip your order of "frings" in... that's right... fries & onion rings together at last. Fresh grilled chicken breast for the cool salads and sandwiches. Let's not forget the star of Golden Eagle, THE BREAKFAST BURRITO. I would drive miles for this beast. I recommend asking for easy cheese and salsa (homemade) on the side.

      Chinese Food: Don't know the name but it's a basic 2 item combo place on Willow. Strip mall across the street from Del Taco and in the Bob's Big Boy parking lot. Tangerine chicken addictive and greasy. Note that I did not recommend Bob's. God love them they try but that branch needs work.

      Togo's: Yes, it's a chain. But the one on Willow next to Del Taco is amazing. They don't do that annoying "weighing" of the meat, they just pile it on. Very fresh. Get the turkey & provolone or the addictive Asian chicken salad. Sobe on tap.

      Hope this helps. Can you tell I live in the area?

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        Perfect! Just what I was looking for. Thanks.

        1. re: theboatmanscall

          So have you tried any of our suggestions yet?

        2. re: Oh Robin

          I heard that the Togo's on PCH and Bellflower is the original. I remember eating there in the mid 80's and hate going to other sandwhich places, they just don't compare. Love the roast beef or the pastrami.

          1. re: justagthing

            I love Togo's too. Really don't know why people go to Subway when they can have Togo's. Such better quality. Great soup and oatmeal raisin cookies too.

            1. re: Oh Robin

              Though Togo's is much better than Subway, I still think it is horrible. It's made for the palate of people who grew up in the 50s. The bread is heavy. They soak the meats in their hot juices. The cheeses are standard-issue Kraft fair. Man, somebody in Long Beach needs to go to the East Coast or Southern Europe and learn how to make a modern sandwich.

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                I couldn't disagree more (with your Togo's opinion or disturbing Chow handle). The turkey is high deli quality, just below fresh roasted imo. I always get provolone and it's sharp and smoky. And I didn't grow up in the 50's. I also love the bread, a chewy tender baguette style white. But you and Lolita can canoodle on back to the East Coast to find what you're looking for.

        3. i'd suggest either bake 'n' broil or johnny reb's. teri house is fine for rice bowls. i get their tuna bowl usually. there's also a very divey indian place on willow and long beach blvd, across the street from the shopping center. very good chicken tikka masala.

          1. Bake n Broil is perfect for lunch; I like their French onion soup. Anything involving baking is great there. Bixby Cafe also has fairly decent pizza. They also have great milkshakes. Farther up Long Beach Blvd almost to Del Amo there's Johnny Reb's with fantastic BBQ, not to be missed.

            1. Definitely Bake n' Broil or Johnny Rebs.There fried chix is good. Do not miss the fried green tomatoes or the biscuits. I always fill up on the the peanuts so I end up eating FGT and biscuits and taking everything else home. I like the peach cobbler too. I've been eating at both for years. Never had a bad meal or service at either place.

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                Forgot about Johnny Rebs. Great fried chicken if you love it crunchy and brown like I do. RC Cola too. Mmmmm...