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Jun 27, 2007 05:57 PM

Best Corned Beef Sandwich in Michigan...

I'm looking for the best corned beef sandwich in Michigan. I grew up outside of New York City and have not found anything worthwhile in W. Michigan since I moved to Grand Rapids. So far the best I've had is Star Deli (Telegraph & 12 Mile). The Corned Beef Special on hand-sliced rye is pretty good. I think my best bet for really good corned beef will be on the east side of the state Any recommendations/suggestions?

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  1. star deli is the best...i grew up in the detroit area and think our corned beef is the best i have ever eaten anywhere ... and star is the best of the best...for a sit down restaurant try stage deli on maple aka 15 mile road and orchard lake road, 6873 orchard lake road ...248.855.6622...also deli unique, 6724 orchard lake road...248.737.3890...both are in west bloomfield...stage is closed on mondays...enjoy...dee dee

    1. Haven't been to Star Deli. But the best corned beef I have found is at Ron's Bagel Deli off the M5 on 14 mile Rd. Between the M5 and Haggerty Rd. Delicious corned beef!

      1. I have to recommend Zingerman's Deli in Ann Arbor. Rather expensive but VERY good. I haven't had their corned beef but have had other beef sandwiches. They use beef from Neiman Ranch. Really good stuff.

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          I have eaten the corned beef at Zingerman's, and it is pricy, but very, very good. Sort of like anything else you might buy there.

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            Yeah, got to go with Zingerman's. YES, it's a little on the expensive side, but they can also probably tell you the name of the cow your corned beef came from. If you're into that sort of thing.

          1. Grand Rapids! lol. you can't find michigan's best corned beef their, But you are right about the location. Remember this name Lou's Deli. This is hands down the best corned beef you will ever taste. They only have three locations one is on 7mile & Evergreen in Detroit, Greenfield & 9mile in Southfield but the one on 6mile and Roselawn btw.
            Wyoming and Livernois is the hands down best. Meat is extremely tender..