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Jun 27, 2007 05:10 PM

Detroit gift basket

Apologies in advance if this shows up in the wrong section...

I am attending a BBQ in Louisville, KY, this coming weekend and want to take a hostess gift, obviously. What would you take? I'm looking for serious suggestions; I already have Sanders hot fudge, Germack pistachios, a Pewabic tile, and a six-pack of Vernors with a recipe for floats. Any recs are welcomed.

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  1. A bag of original and/or salt and vinegar Better Made potato chips.

    A 2-liter or multiple bottle pack of Faygo Rock & Rye and/or Redpop. Avoid the canned versions, which is contrary to the usual advice I give on most pop purchases (usually the cans are best, but *not* with Faygo). Rock & Rye is the more important of the two flavors, however.

    That's just two.

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    1. re: boagman

      I completely agree about the can vs. bottle. Glass is always best. Thanks for the suggestions!

      1. re: amandaqtpie

        At Holiday Market in Royal Oak, they have a big selection of Faygo in single "retro" glass bottles, even, so you could do an assorted six-pack. I think you can't beat the redpop, personally (I wonder if this is one of those Buddy's Vs. Loui's debates :-)?) .

        If you have freezer access, maybe Stroh's Ice Cream (still made here)? Or a brick of Lafayette Chili?
        Rafal's spices makes their own line of BBQ rubs and hot sauces in cool packages, as well.

        1. re: AmyIM

          Thank you, AmyIM. I included some Detroit Spice Company rubs and spices, as I've accumulated a stockpile over the years from having worked with them.

          What a great idea about a brick of chili; I didn't even know I could purchase one! I'll remember that next time I'm giving a Detroit-themed gift.

          No question that Faygo Red and Rock 'n' Rye are the best, because you simply can't get anything that tastes like either from anywhere else, in my opinion. Cream Soda is up there, too, and I'm actually quite a fan of Faygo Cola over Coke or Pepsi, as well (some may cry blasphemy, which is why I love this site :).

          Thanks again, to everyone.