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Jun 27, 2007 04:44 PM

Real opinions on Goldberg's in Factoria

I'd like all of your opinions about Goldberg's deli in Factoria - food, service, serving size and most importantly if any changes have occured recently. I have the opportunity of sharing this info with a couple of the owners so honesty is appreciated.

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  1. I was there last week for the first time in a long time. The corned beef/pastrami was quite good but the service was terrible. We waited 40 minutes for our food then after much agitation were served some things that were for another table. Service has always been the weak spot on each of my visits.

    1. I was just there today, and I thought the food was great, the portion sizes perfect (not overwhelming, like most places), and our server was excellent. She checked with us repeatedly throughout our meal, although they could have refilled my water a little more frequently.

      1. went recently to curb my craving for a hot pastrami sandwich and was underwhelmed by food and service. server acted like we were moron's for asking the difference between the pickles.water went unrefilled. asked for my sandwich to be light on the mustard and it was swimming in it. while the flavor of the meat and the quantity was very nice, the meat was barely warm,the bread was flavorless,not warm,and fell apart as i ate the sandwich. also, i don't know if it was supposed to have cheese on it(that's what i thought i was getting)but who ever heard of a hot pastrami without cheese! the side items served-slaw,potato salad,etc.-are only ok and served in too small portions for the price of the sandwiches. we had only our sandwiches and no drinks and after tip spent over $30.00! felt like we overpayed by half. my suggestion is go to some of the other highly regarded sandwich places in the seattle/eastside area and do some comparison shopping.(having been in the food service business most of my life i realize every situation/location has different issues) just search this board and you will find many options. my wife and her coworkers for a major telecom company right across the street are slowly moving away from eating at Goldberg's for these and other reasons. you can thank me later.

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          At jewish deli's such as the famous 2nd Ave. Deli in NYC, the pastrami is not served with cheese only musturd to stay kosher. I think many pastrami purist would argue that good meat, good rye bread and musturd are all you need for the perfect sandwich.

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            "...who ever heard of a hot pastrami without cheese?" Uh, hate to be the one to break this to ya, but there's this thousand year old rule about mixing milk (that would be the cheese) and meat (that would be the pastrami)... welcome to the redefinition of reality as to what is "normal"... geesssh...

          2. I haven't ever actually eaten there, but if I had feedback for them, I'd say they need to improve their signage at the mall entrance. The way the space is designed means that customers would have to walk through the "hallway" from the mall entrance to the outside entrance in order to actually see anything inside the restaurant. Perhaps putting up some sort of menu at the mall entrance (even if it's a basic one) would be helpful.

            1. Thanks for all the feedback. I should see one of the owners later this week. Oddly enough, I didn't know he was one of the owners till he brought me a corned beef sandwich and we started talking about it.He's very open to improvements.