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Jun 27, 2007 04:06 PM

Places to eat in San Leandro

Anyone have any great places they like to eat in SL.
I have been to some places and they have been ok
Places i like:
Oriental Tea House
La Pinata
Ploughman's (good breakfast)

Want to try:
Paridiso (sp?)

I'm looking for another good breakfast place and a good place to go on friday nights for dinner.
Thanks for the help!!

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    1. Sergio's Pizzeria
      150 W Juana Ave
      (between 14th St & Santa Rosa St) the strip mall with the Safeway in it.

      The only place to get a decent pizza when I was living there. The calzones are tasty as well. It's nothing great but it's a good place to go on a Friday night for some beer, pizza or pasta.

      Zocalo Coffeehouse
      645 Bancroft @ Dutton

      A nice coffeehouse w/ some pastries. A great place to take kids..they have a play area w/ toys & books. Crazy amounts of board games. I haven't been in awhile but it was always a nice stop at the end of the day.

      1. For good, fast, cheap mexican try Taqueria Los Pericos at 101 Pelton Center Way

        For the best chinese (schezuan) in the east bay, try Chili Palace at 699 Lewelling Blvd # 270

        For good asian fusion try Cre Asian at 1269 Macarthur Blvd

        Plougman's is the best breakfast (I don't get the folks who rave about Fifth Wheel)

        1. We ate at Paridiso last night, The service is great, noise level low enough to talk, food is very good. We had fried calamari, great, and some of them had fried oysters, which they love. One pork chop that was great, rib eye and a New york strip cooked to perfection. I had a pasta chicken with mushroom and a creamy sauce, excellent. Oh we all had some tastes of the portebello mushroom soup. It was wonderful, would have been perfect if the the mushroom had been in chunks, too small.

          We have eaten there several times and it always was very good,

          Ricky's is good and a fun place. Great service and good food. They have weekend brunch said to be good, haven't tried that. It is a sports bar and there are TVs everywhere. A fun spot.

          Cre Asian is excellent food, iffy service.