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Jun 27, 2007 03:32 PM

Uno Mas, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Any chowhounders tried this restaurant? It is owned by the same folks that own Mustard Seed, Blvd. Diner and several others which are all very good. I'm thinking of going Friday night but would love to hear from someone who's been. Thanks is advance.

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  1. Have not been yet, but I really like all of his other restaurants. My guess is that it will be worth every penny. Enjoy and please report back.

    1. Wife and I were there two days ago. The menu is definitely not Tex-Mex. We had what where essentially "upscale" tacos, accompanied (not our choices) by black beans. General impression was OK but not very exciting. (The menu desccriptions were more interesting than the actual items.) Uno Mas is relatively new and Sal Parco's other restaurants have all been very good so this one may prove out also. Decor is nice and prices, at least at lunch, were appropriate. If you haven't done so already, try it to see for yourself. We may try again sometime but, in the meantime, far prefer the various Mustard Seed locations and the Boulevard Diner.