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Jun 27, 2007 03:01 PM

Pizza Fridays Flatiron delivery suggestions

Every Friday, our office orders a bunch of pizzas for lunch (10-12 large pies). For the last 2 years I've been working here, it's been utterly terrible.

Our current supplier is Mozzarelli's, which is only somewhat terrible. They seem to do a few things well, but others very poorly. They're also inconsistent; our first order was great, the owner/chef/pizzaguy delivered some samples himself, and they were quite good. Once they had us hooked in, and giving them a $300 order each week, the quality dropped off.

Prior to Mozzarelli's, we ordered from Bravo, which was usually truly horrible. Only the plain cheese was mildly acceptable, probably due to the lack of crap ingredients.

People here are ready for a change, so I'm looking for recommendations for some decent New York style pizza that will deliver to around 19th St. and 5th Ave. It doesn't have to be fancy, just good, consistent New York pizza.

Any ideas?

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  1. I live and work near where you are and agree there are no great options (at least as far as i know). Da Ciro which is on 33rd and lex has good pizza and they may deliver to you. Also other options i can think of are patsys and la pizza fresca, the second which i dont think delivers but is only 1 or 2 blocks away from you. There's a Totonno's nearby too and i have also ordered and had pretty good food from Pie by the Pound which is on 13th and 4th.

    1. I work at Park Ave So & 21st, Bravo is on my block and honestly the Fresh Mozzarella pizza is actually pretty good - everything else of theirs is crap.

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        also there is a pizza 33 near you. this would definitely be my top recommendation.

        1. re: kalyse

          Definitely Pizza 33, though they can sometimes be an unfriendly bunch.

          1. re: a_and_w

            I think thats the best option in the area.

            1. re: ESNY

              I definitely agree with Pizza 33 as well.

      2. If it delivers to you Vezzo or Posto are both awesome!!! (I would have said Pinch but they just closed) Bravo is garbage- If Vezzo/ Posto doesn't deliver than Pizza 33 is your best option.

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          How about Due Amici, located at 14th and 5th? I believe they deliver.

        2. Due Amici is okay, pretty standard. Problem is that DA concentrates on sandwiches and pastas more than your average place so sometimes the pizza sits around longer than average (hopefully this wouldn't be a problem if you order a whole pie).

          I'm not sure what the big complaint about Bravo is. The only issue with them that I have is that the bottom of the crust is sometimes a little too charred. I've had ten pies from Bravo and while some are better than others, none was "trule horrible" or "garbage."

          There's also a new-ish place called Papaou Pizza (spelling?) on the south side of 23rd Street between Park and Lex. Haven't tried it but I'd like to.

          1. Andreas' Brick Oven Ristorante on 23rd and third ave. Is pretty good. They are sort of a pie place like Johns but much lower key, less hi profile, but pretty darn good. I live and work in the area and they are were we get most of our pies.
            On 23 and 10th? ave there is Don Giovanni's which is better but may not deliver to your office. Both blow the regular slice guys out of the water.

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            1. re: joelm

              I had some bad experiences ordering pies from Don Giovanni's 23rd St location. Used to love the midtown location...

              1. re: a_and_w

                Recently? we have ordered twice from them in the past 2 months and it's been great.

                1. re: joelm

                  No, but I was burned twice a couple of years ago and never bothered ordering again. I don't think this location is as good as 44th for either pizza or other food (pasta, salads, etc.).