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Jun 27, 2007 02:33 PM

Salamanca Barrio, Madrid

Hello, I will be staying in Salamanca, Madrid for a month while also attending classes at the Universidad Juan Carlos. I will be traveling alone. I would appreciate suggestions for tapas, wine and sherry tasting, good coffee/pastry/chocolate places...something off the beaten tourist track. I want to experience all I can during this month!!!Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. There are tons of smaller restaurants on the side streets (streets that go east-west); as usual in Spain, go for the usually cheaper "Menu Del Dia" for lunch.

    There's the "Fast Good" (ferran Adria sponsored/designed) fast-food restaurant on Calle de Juan Bravo. But I did not try it yet.

    There's a new ( I think) restaurant by Sergi Arola ( from La Broche) just about in front of Fast Good, called 'D'E Sergi Arola" which is his take on a pizzeria and "diner" type restaurant. sandwiches, coca, pizza, and salads ( ) it was one of the better meal I has in Madrid on my recent trip.

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      I live in barrio Salamanca. I can tell you that you can get good (if expensive) tapas at Jose Luis, which has two locations - one on Serrano, a block down the street from the American Embassy, and the other on Hermanos Becker, around the corner on the way down to Paseo Castellana. For better and cheaper tapas, leave the neighborhood. You can find them anywhere in the city, but one of my favorite places is around Plaza Santa Ana, near Sol. As for chocolate, hit the churreria San Gines on San Gines, just off Calle Arenal. It is not only excellent, it is a Madrid classic with ambience and a quirky location. The rest you can find just about anywhere. One good piece of advice given you already is to take advantage of the menu del dia. Madrilenos have their big meal at lunch. The menu del dia, which consists usually of two courses, bread and a drink, and sometimes dessert, is a real deal. Good luck!

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        Thanks to both of your for your advice. I am now in Madrid and am looking forward to trying these places. Yes the menu del dia at my university seems to be the best deal in town!!!4.35 euros for soup or salad, entree, dessert, drink.