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Jun 27, 2007 02:04 PM

Eating alone at Yasuda

What do you guys think about that? Would it be awkward (since there is a lot of downtime in an omakase)?

If not, and supposed I am flexible in terms of time, what day and when do you think I should go to get the best chance of sitting in front of Yasuda?

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  1. i've tried it before and didn't find it to be awkward at all.. actually if u sit in front of yasuda, he serves your sushi so quickly that u'll probably be done in 40 u don't really have to worry about downtime...usually i pick other sushi chefs if i want a slower experience

    1. not awkward at all. last time i ate at yasuda i was alone. sat in front of one of the other chefs. ate a fantastic meal and there was virtually zero downtime...i was on a tight schedule and he knew i was there for the fish not the ambience so he made sushi as fast as i could eat.

      if you want to sit in front of yasuda you should make a reservation and specify that you'd like to sit in front of him. the one time i tried that they were able to arrange it without a problem (there were two of us that night, not one, but that shouldn't matter).