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Jun 27, 2007 02:03 PM

Foods for Hydration in the extreme heat ?

I am asking this because I work in the extreme heat in the Glass Industry where my normal day is about 6 to 8 hours in 120+ degree temperatures. I drink about 10 to 12 (20 ounce) bottles of Gatorade in a shift. I try to eat foods heavy in potassium to keep muscle cramping to a minimum. Electrolites are not something that I am familiar with besides to drink fluids that are high in them. Lots of fresh fruit and water on top of the gatorade. Sounds like alot but the body goes through a rigorous day and needs as much as you can give it. As it gets even hotter I have a hard time to eat anything and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions to work in these conditions.

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  1. Hmmm, I worked in a Coca-Cola bottling plant in the summer while I was going to university in Montréal. Lots of water, natch, 5-Alive, Shweppes ginger ale. I'd think water (or other) melon, oranges, cucumber, and Asian aloe-based and similar drinks would help.

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      1. Hi Jimbosox04,
        With many years doing some crazy-long endurance backpacking trips in weather as hot at 117 degrees, I always use the good sense I learned in my Wilderness Medical Certification Classes...gatorade is good, but you'll also NEED to consume a bottle of water for each bottle of gatorade consumed...see, all the great sugars and potassium in those drinks are good, but only if you have enough clean fluid (water) to transfer all the goodness to your body without taxing the liver and kidneys...if you're just doing the sports drink thing, it's like creating a syrupy fuid level in your body which can take a toll on your organs.
        So, 1 to 1 with the sports drinks.
        Now, for food, KIWI is amazing...high water content, tons of potassim, and tons of vitamin C-no one wants scurvy..he he. GRAPEFRUIT-good potassium and sodium levels-obviously great water content. WATERMELON for obvious reasons.
        You must also think of sodium levels (within moderation) a hand full of nuts every so often is a smart way to go..for each salty snack, a nice long drink of water is recommended..ALMONDS are wonderful, again, high potassium, good sodium if you get dry roasted, and will give you a good energy boost.
        The most important thing to just keep in mind is that whatever you put in your mouth should be moist and refreshing, caffine free, and nutritionally beneficial to ensure that your body runs properly.
        You should start your morning with a really good breakfast.
        Good, easy suggestion: Whole grain toast (La Brea Bakery Whole Grain, Whole Foods Seeduction) with minimum 3-4grams of fiber per serving, 1/2 an AVOCADO-great to smear on the toast instead of butter, 2 eggs lightly salted thrown on top and you've got yourself an amazingly satisfying, fiber filled meal that will keep you full for a while...if your not going to be eating for at least 3 more hours, add a package of raspberries to the meal, eat them as you drive to work, or have a grapefruit along with all not too much food, it looks like tons but it is all good for you and will help your body deal with the heat to come. Any questions, you can contact me at Controlled Burn Fitness dot Com

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          Thanks for your reply, I do almost all of that, but all great advice. The part that really sucks is that we work rotating shifts and that also takes a toll on the body. 7 days of second shift, 1 day off, 7 days of 3rd shift 1 1/2 days off, 7 days on 1st shift, 4 days off, crazy but I make the bottles for budweiser and people need me !!! Ha Ha Ha. I will definitely try the kiwi.

          Have you ever drank so much water that you just cant drink it anymore, sometimes that happens also. Also not go to the bathroom for 8 hours, man do you lose fluids !!

          I have also heard that a good meal of pasta before work helps with the carbs and give you some good energy, I have found that I need to eat it at least 2 or more hours before work or it feels a little heavy. Beef Jerky is a good healthy, sodium based snack also, I make mine myself to insure no extra preservatives.

          Thanks Again

          1. re: Jimbosox04

            Hello again,
            Yee-Haaa, don't tell anyone, but i love Bud Light!
            Ok, nutrition. Pasta is good when it is ALONG WITH a balanced meal. A nutitionally fed body it the most efficient machine in the world...requires little, and runs for ever if everything that is put in to it is of service.
            Jerkey is great, but again, it is dried, therefore it will require more moisture to be TAKEN from your body to digest it, so you MUST acompany it w/water.
            If you are not peeing often it is not a good sign and it is illegal to deny potty breaks...however, the color of your stream will determine your hydration should be almost clear and a nice, hearty stream, be warned, clear isnot always a good sign since it could mean you are on the way towards drowning yourself-hyponutremia (sp).
            Good luck and be healthy!

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              Just curious, are tater tots good for you ?? :-)

              1. re: Jimbosox04

                Oh golly no, but they're damn good when no one's around to know you're eating 'em.
                the thing is...I eat very well 90% of the time because of what I do for a living...the perk of eating well and working out all the time is that I NEVER have to feel guitly when I eat yummy crap like Tater Tots, Butter, short Ribs, Mashed Potatos...ugg, I'm getting a craving, but now I've gotta go to teach a class.

        2. Do you have a fridge at work? I would recommend keeping packages of frozen fruit on hand and sucking on pieces of frozen fruit to keep you hydrated without taxing the kidneys with too much liquid, you'll also get nutrients that way, especially blueberries, and cranberries which are high in antioxidants.