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Jun 27, 2007 01:53 PM

Fried Oysters at Redbones

I just discovered these babies! Yum!!!! I much prefer them to fried clams now.
(they don't serve fried clams there)

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  1. Between those, the buffalo shrimp and the cat fingers......I am getting hungry just typing this!!!

    1. Thanks for the heads up! How is the portion size? I love, love, love their buffalo shrimp, but you get something like 4-5 smallish shrimp for $8 so I usually save my money for more beer <g>.

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      1. re: davis_sq_pro

        Depending upon where you live in Davis (and if they even do this anymore), you should check with Redbones to see if you can get a neighborhood discount card. They offered this when I lived there over a year ago. If I recall correctly, it was 20% off of food but not booze : (

        1. re: po_boy

          Wow, thanks for the tip! I've been living here (on Highland Ave) for four years now, and had no clue that was ever offered.

          1. re: davis_sq_pro

            It might be an immediate neighborhood type thing (I could hit Redbones with a rock from my front door then) but it doesn't hurt to ask. They even honored this when I got together with maybe 8-12 college friends one night.

      2. Their fried oysters sure are good On the Redbones topic, but not seafood related, I absolutely love their jerked beef. I tried it for the first time a month ago and found it to have some real heat to it while not sacrificing flavor. With their decent BBQ, jerked beef, great fried oysters and wonderful and fresh beer selection, I never need an excuse to make the trip to Davis.

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        1. re: Chrispy75

          The jerk beef is crazy! I order it whenever I go there now. It's never the same thing twice. I get obsessed trying to precisely identify all the flavors in it.

          On the oyster front I find them to just be okay there. The fried oyster po-boy is TERRIBLE. When I go to Redbones I have the right set of expectations for food (which can be a bummer depending on what you order), but that po-boy is just awful, maybe the worst thing I've ever had there. The fried oyster app is much better but not spectacular. It's a good option if you're sick of the standard BBQ offerings.

          1. re: kittychow

            On the topic of things not to order at Redbones: A hamburger. They served me the only burger I can ever remember getting that I was unable to eat more than a couple of bites of. It was burned--not nicely charred, but actually burned--on the outside, and ice cold on the inside. Disgusting. In retrospect, I have no clue why I ordered it anyway. But avoid.

            1. re: kittychow

              If the fried oysters are good, what makes the po boy so bad?

              1. re: Joanie

                The bread was terrible. Po-boy bread should be like crusty french bread. They used a standard sub roll which can be passable but it was a bit stale. Figure they don't serve a lot of them. There also weren't enough oysters to fill the roll. It also was dressed so well - only a teeny bit of mayo and lots of lettuce and a few slices of tennis ball tomato- no pickles, no onions.

                1. re: kittychow

                  I ended up ordering the Po-boy and having them hold the bread (just a hot-dog bun) and the dressing. I got a nice big plate of fried oysters that were delicious. Crispy on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside. Even my boyfriend who doesn't care much for cooked oysters liked these. Thanks for letting me know these were on the menu at Redbones, Chowhounds!

                  1. re: kittychow

                    I agree 100% on the po-boy. I've also had the oyster po-boy at Redbones and was very disappointed when it was served to me in a hot dog bun. Plus it was quite small compared to a real po-boy you would get in the South. It was not at all what I was expecting, a big disappointment.

              2. re: Chrispy75

                Agreed on the jerked beef; I'm addicted to it. Also a big chopped beef fan, and I find the combination of the two to be nice. A couple of bites of jerk, then a few bites of some sweeter chopped beef to refresh the palate ... rinse with beer or margarita and repeat <g>

              3. Is this new for Redbones? I have been in a while and don't remember ever seeing this. I love fried oysters - I always get their fried catfish fingers and buffelo shrimp, now I have to get down there for fried oysters, I'm craving it now. Do you they do a nice poboy type sanwich or is just a side of fried oysters?

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                1. re: lexpatti

                  I think they have had fried oysters for at least 6 months now on the regular menu - been doing them for years during their beer dinners. They also have fried scallops - which I believe they will do buffalo style as well - so I don't understand why they won't do buffalo cat fingers - I have suggested this to the managers - they would rock.

                  I agree with the price issue, some of the apps are expensive for what you get - but they do offer half priced apps during the week before 6pm (not really advertised anymore)which puts the buffalo shrimp and fried oyster apps in a reasonable ball park.