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Jun 27, 2007 01:48 PM

Has anyone tried Island Palm?

I have been to Mesa Grill & loved it. I have been told that the chef at Island Palm in Spring Lake worked at Mesa for some time. I'd be interested to here some reviews about Island Palm as I am planning a birthday dinner and I'm considering IP for the location.

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  1. Karla Cook of the Times just gave it a Very Good in yesterday's paper. Quite a glowing review. I've been meaning to try it and will now bump it up to the top of my "Go List".

    1. I generally have little regard for Karla Cook's opinions though, of course, that doesn't mean Island Palm is not a "Very Good" restaurant. Here's the review (free but registration required):

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        My inlaws have been to Island Palm at least 10 times since its transformation from Sisters. My take on their comments, without specifics, is that it is inconsistent, but that lows are never low enough to piss them off. I know they have sent back steaks for being both over and underdone. The most common problem has been cold food on a busy night. It's never bugged them enough, however, to stop them from returning.

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          The Mrs. and I had a chance to dine at IPG last night. While the restaurant exhibited quite a bit of promise, I would characterize it as a "mish mosh". From the menu to the decor to the service, everything was disjointed. While it may sound like I didn't enjoy the meal, this is in fact not the case. For the most part, the food was excellent. As is our usual MO in trying a new restaurant we ordered two apps, a salad to split, two entrees and a shared dessert. Specifically, we ordered the following: Smoked Tenderloin Arepa (fantastic - spot on Mesa Grill type dish), the Stuffed Artichoke (while it didn't match the theme of the restaurant, this was a classic dish prepared right - so good that we were fighting over the last bits), calamari salad (while nicely split into two portions by the kitchen, this was the sole loser of the evening - overdressed and oily - Ms. Cook was wrong in her review about this one), Seared Hickory Scallops (WOW - a great dish - perfectly composed and excellently prepared - from the nicely crusted scallops to the crunchy risotto cake to the delicious succotash - just great - a case of dueling forks at our table), Plantain Crusted Grouper (while not earth shattering like the scallops this was a very nice dish with just a little heat from the mango ginger sauce and perfectly counter pointed by the jicama slaw), and the ancho chili infused chocolate lava cake (nice flavor but undercooked and unattractively presented on the plate). The arepa and scallop dishes alone show the talent in this kitchen. If they could improve the amateurish service and improve on the decor, this restaurant would be top notch. I anticipate going again soon and would not hesitate to recommend the place to friends. Another review where I think Karla Cook got one right. Sorry RGR :)

          1. re: bgut1

            Okay, so, Cook managed to get this one right. I'd still rather rely on your opinion, bgut. :-)

            Since we both agree that what's most important is the quality of the cuisine -- which you, obviously, think it fairly high -- I can agree that the amateurish service and lack of decor should not deter you from going back. With your recommendation, Island Palm is now on my "go to" list.

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              RGR - Thanks for the compliment.