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Jun 27, 2007 01:42 PM

Locanda on Capitol Hill

I swear there was a stop-work order and no sign of activity when I walked past last week, but Zagat just sent out this:

Locanda to Open Next Week

Murano glass fixtures cast a flattering glow over Locanda, a remodeled Capitol Hill storefront Italian where patrons can sample over 30 wines by the glass while nibbling on piattini at its granite-topped bar or in its intimate dining room, where housemade pastas and grilled fin-fare are also served; its frequently changing menus are based on products sourced from nearby Eastern Market, sustainable fisheries and local growers (633 Pennsylvania Ave. SE; 202-547-0002).

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  1. Sounds promising. Hadn't heard a thing about this place prior to your posting.

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    1. re: Elyssa

      apparently it opened last night...a friend of mine went and said it was pretty good

      1. re: NK623

        Yeah must be open because Daily Candy sent out a thing about it.

    2. My co-worker went as well and enjoyed the food and service Fresh, tasty.

      1. I have been there twice already! Such delicious and fresh food.

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        1. re: fencer

          Can we get some more details? Price range? Best menu items? Atmosphere? Etc.