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Jun 27, 2007 01:22 PM

Family dining near Seneca Hotel in dwntn

We are travelling to Chicago next week with two kids (5 and 7 years). Can someone recommend some great, non-chain, non-franchise, family dining options? We will have a vehicle so if there is a neighborhood restaurant that is worth the drive post a website. We are staying downtown Monday and Tuesday night. Thanks.

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  1. Portillo's is sort of a stand alone mall food court. Famous for the hot dogs. Nearby on Ontario,

    Lou Malnati's for deep dish pizza, also nearby, is another Chicago Institution.

    The kids would like both of these, andyou would get the satisfaction of hitting two local institutions

    1. A couple of places that are fun and have food that all of you might like are Heaven on 7, a Cajun place on Ohio St. near the Marriott on Michigan, and a great neighborhood cafe, Lula, in Logan Square. Daughter-tested and recommended, although she's in her teens now.

      It's a chain, but Rainforest Cafe will probably be a hit with the kids. Food is edible for adults. Long waits for tables, but that's what the gift shop is for.

      Oh, and Hot Doug's makes the humble tube steak a dining adventure. Wild boar sausage topped with foie gras makes an appearance from time to time. Or you can get a regular old Chicago Style dog and fries.

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        My kids enjoy foodlife at Water Tower, it's like a foodcourt but not a chain. Behind it is Mity NIce Grill which is also extremely kid-friendly.

        I'd recommend Ed Debevic's for a fun outing with the kids as well, great atmosphere and decent food.

        For deep dish, we prefer Gino's East to Malnati's but that's just a matter of taste think...LOL

        Finally, you're here next week amid the famous Taste of Chicago.

        Check out the schedule and see if any of the music sounds good to you, grab a blanket from the hotel (shhh) and give it a shot!

        1. re: Pete Oldtown

          While Lula is a nice enough neighborhood place there is NO WAY I'd take the trouble to get there from the Gold Coast...