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Jun 27, 2007 12:44 PM

Zipang Sushi (Calgary)

Just wanted to report that I tried this place last night with my husband and it was a very pleasant surprise. It was totally packed when we arrived so we ate at the bar. I love going to a busy place with happy looking customers since I can be pretty sure that something good is to come. The service was prompt and efficient, the decor was clean and modern, and, most importantly, the sushi was fresh and well prepared. I especially enjoyed the sushi rice - I've had some pretty bad experiences with paste-like sushi rice in the recent past. There were several different selections on the menu that I can't wait to go back to try. It was probably one of the best sushi experiences I've have in Calgary lately - I'd recommend it.

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    1. re: John Manzo

      Since I have a husband who is very reserved and unadventurous in his eating habits (and who really wanted to go for wednesday hot wings) our selections were pretty basic (and revolved around hot sauce). We had 2 tempura shrimp rolls, spicy tuna and salmon rolls, spicy ebi sashimi (? I don't know what it was called), an avocado roll, and a dish that was the closest thing to wings on the menu (kaarage?) that consisted of deep fried chicken dipped in a sea salt and pepper concoction.

      1. re: Jigga

        I go there regularly and I have never been disappointed yet. I always order sushi a la carte on top of a dinner combo with tempura for the kids. I love the different daily appetizers that come with the dinners too. The service is fast. It's a little more pricy than Sobaten but well worth every penny. Kampai Tanaka San!!

    2. Love Sushi Zipang. I've never had bad food there. One thing that I love is their green salad....I know that sounds weird but it has a nice soy dressing that is quite different from other sushi/Japanese restaurants.

      One note that I found out recently...they are no longer open for lunch due to staffing shortages which is unfortunate.

      1. Where is it located in Calgary? It sounds great!

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        1. re: foxyfreckles

          1010 1 Avenue NE, Calgary, AB
          (403) 262-1888

        2. the sushi is very good, but do not order the pork dish. I cannot recall the japanese name, but I believe it to be the only pork item on the menu? It was very dry, very tough and bland.