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Jun 27, 2007 12:22 PM

Pho Ga at Lotus Leaf

I have eaten at some great noodle houses in the SF bay area, where Vietnamese, Chinese and plenty of other asians pile into over 100+ tables. I've had some really great pho at these places.

I really like this place. The pho ga and pho bo are both tasty with rather traditional broths and the option to have things like tripe and knuckle added to the soup.

They call their cafe su da(Ice Drip Coffee) 'Coffee Saigon'.

I tried their Basil Crispy Duck salad and that was amazing!

I am definitely returning to this place more often.

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  1. I've been singing the praises of Lotus Leaf for some time now. The food there is always fresh, attractively prepared, and plentiful. I'm a huge fan of the lemongrass chili chicken, the shaken filet mignon, and the tofu and tomatoes. The only thing I've tried there that was less than wonderful was the fried banana didn't thrill me. However, the vietnamese coffee is indeed a treat. (Just don't ask for the weasel coffee!)