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Jun 27, 2007 12:18 PM

Burgers in RTP

Places I've tried so far: Five Guys, Fat Daddy's, Andy's.

What I'm looking for is good burgers. Right now Five Guys ( has the best burger but I really dislike the fries. (I think they overcook them as they upset my stomach, were I love Chick Fil A's waffle fries)

But I love Fat Daddy's for atmosphere. They have a Fuddrucker's like fixins bar where you can fix up your burger. Their main attraction is the huge beer selection, including a fav of mine, Old Scrumpy's. Downstairs is pool and video games. I can't find a website for them but here is their contact info:

6201 Glenwood Ave.
Raleigh, NC 27612
Phone: 919-787-3773

Andy's is just okay. If I'm going out, I'd prefer Five Guys since they're nearby.

They do have some nice fries but their Onion Rings are not too great. They have a giant burger eating contest if you're into that sort of thing. Compared to the others here, they're a little more mediocre, the meat isn't as tasty and they just use ordinary ingredients, nothing really high quality. But compared to other fast food, they're great burgers.

What other places have people tried?

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  1. My good friend and I really enjoy going to the Angus Barn to the upstairs Wild Turkey Lounge and hang out up there and order their hamburger. It is ground steak, so you know it is quite delicious. You get the atmosphere without the price tag of the Angus Barn, plus you get the yummy olives, celery, cheese, etc. complimentary appetizers. There is almost always an interesting crowd up there, and, as others have mentioned in AB posts, their wine selection is amazing.

    Now, I have to give 5 starts to their savory spinach salad and divine chocolate chess pie, but the accompanying french fries to the burger just do not pass muster. (but of course, that is my opinion, my friend does not seem to have a problem with them)

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      Quick tip on the Angus Barn Burger - If you have trouble putting down 1 whole pound of ground beef like I do, then you can order the kids burger that comes in at a whopping 1/2 pound. Of course do it quietly so your friends don't call you out for being a child........

      1. re: chops

        Hahaha! That is awesome. I thought my friend and I were the only one that did that! Yes, just to clarify my earlier post, my friend and I are big supporters of the kid's burger (though I always laugh to myself when I say: "I would like a kid's burger and a Blue Moon beer, please").

        1. re: Tehama

          I definitely agree about that spinach salad. Whenever we go there I think I secretly enjoy that more than the dinner itself!!! I was not aware that you could get burgers there.... I looked at the Angus Barn website and don't see it listed on the menu, or on the menu for the Wild Turkey Lounge. Is it something on the down-low? How much do they charge ??

          1. re: scarrie

            :-) that spinach salad is TO DIE FOR GOOD!

            re: the burgers... I think the Burger itself is on the Bar Menu in the Wild Turkey Lounge, but the Kid's Burger is definitely on the D.L. (down low). I didn't know they had it until my good friend turned me onto it. I don't know what kids they are feeding with that thing, because it is monster size. I want to say the burger on the bar menu is maybe like $13 and the kid's burger is maybe like $10? I'm sorry it has been at least a month since I have gone, but that is at least an estimate. Ground steak... cooked the way you want it. yummmm....

            1. re: Tehama

              Thanks for your response. As soon as we got your message we left and went to dinner there!! It was AMAZING. I had to get the spinach salad cause you got me thinking about it.. lol :)

              We got the burger, we ordered medium, but it came more like medium well (the bartender did tell us they probably couldn't do it medium, anyway). It was still perfect, I think probably the best burger I have ever had. So juicy and ... well, just perfect. They even split the burger up for us, without us asking. For some reason, even though we ordered fries, we got 2 sides of cheesy mashed potatoes. They were good...SUPER rich. We took my portion home. Maybe you could try ordering that next time though instead of fries???

              Oh, and my husband loves buffalo wings so we couldn't resist ordering the turkey buffalo wings. That's about the only time I've ever enjoyed turkey! We only ate a few of them, but have them ready for a snack tomorrow. :) What a deal though, $6 for 6 of them, and they're huge!!!

              Thanks again for this advice! This will definitely be bringing us to the Angus Barn more often... :)

              I noticed on their site that they have a chef's table.. have you been to that??

              1. re: scarrie

                Hey! Thanks so much for the report back! I had not noticed the turkey wings before.... yummmm..... I will have to break my burger-habit and try those. That is weird you got the cheesy potatoes... I have never had anything but impeccable service in the many years I have been going to the Angus Barn, but I am glad you had a "tasty" substitution. :-) I am actually not a fan of their french fries, but generally eat a few of them and save the other ones for the ducks at Lake Lynn when I go on a walk.

                One night about 18 months ago, we had an especially outstanding server. And, as we were there particularly late, he took on a tour of the Barn as things had calmed down. So, I got to 'see' the Chef's Table, but did not get to eat there. It was really cool! And, maybe like 24 months ago, I got to attend a reception in the wine cellar, and that was just a really special experience.

                I know some of the posts on chowhound are not always favorable to the Angus Barn, but I love! love! love! it. Obviously the dishes aren't meant to be terribly complex or uber-gourmet, but the taste and quality just cannot be beat. And, the servers they employee are impeccable in their knowledge and skills. (gosh, I sound like I am their PR-rep or owner, but really am just a big fan)

    2. Has anyone tried Two Guys Grille in Morrisville (Harris Teeter Shopping center on Davis Dr.)? I noticed the menu has some burgers on it, but have only heard reviews about the sweet potato fries - apparently, they're really good.

      1. I am a fan of Sawmill Tap Room. Since they grind their own meat you can get it cooked to your liking which is very rare (no pun intended) in NC.

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        1. re: km4874

          I went to Abbey Rd Pub in Cary last week and it was so-so but they did cook the burger rare (and real rare, not usual NC "rare") and for that I was appreciative.

          1. re: km4874

            Where is Sawmill Tap Room? I'd like to check it out because I love medium rare burgers.

            1. re: zomigi

              It is on LeadMine just north of Lynn Rd. I really like it over there. It is casual- like a pub and they have some shaded outdoor seating that is nice.

              1. re: km4874

                So is that Raleigh, or Cary, or somewhere else? I'm in Carrboro, so I don't know Raleigh or Cary streets very well (though we do head down there pretty regularly to eat at different places).

                  1. re: km4874

                    Are the burgers at the Sawmill Tap Room (intersection of Lead Mine and Sawmill in Raleigh) any better or different then those at any of their sister restaurants, ie. Falls Tap Room, Cleveland Tap Room, etc, etc?

          2. My husband is a cheeseburger connoisseur, and his current rankings of burgers in the state are:
            1. Goldie's Grill sirloin burger (Chapel Hill, in the Bank of America building on Franklin St)
            2. Satisfactions cheeseburger (Durham, Brightleaf Square)

            I'm not sure what comes after Satisfactions for him. He's had the 1-pound burger at Angus Barn and found it good but nothing spectacular. He's looking forward to trying the expensive burger at Bin 54 in Chapel Hill next. He likes Cheesecake Factory's burgers, especially the tiny burgers appetizer (though he hasn't had their kobe burger, and wants to try it). There's another restaurant whose name I don't know that does tiny burgers and he thought they were amazing -- it's located in the shopping center at Fayetteville and 54 in Durham, I think. He likes Red Robin's burgers as well.

            I agree with all of my husband's burger likes, but I personally like Ted's Montana Grill, in Durham by Streets at Southpoint mall, the best (he likes it too, just not the best). I always get bison, not beef. I think I love it so much because you can get it medium rare like I like (or rare, I'm sure, if you wanted that). And I don't feel so bad about eating a half-pound burger because bison is so much healthier than beef (yet just as if not more yummy) and I can get it on a wheat bun. They have tons of unusual toppings, and the standards.

            Hope that's enough burger places for you!

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            1. re: zomigi

              The tiny burgers to which you refer are those at City Beverage, which is at 751/Garrett Rd (across from Woodcroft Shopping Center, just north of the 54/751 intersection) in South Durham. Great beer selection, too.

              City Beverage
              4810 Hope Valley Rd Ste 105, Durham, NC 27707

              1. re: rossgrady

                Ah, thanks for the name! I'll have to remind my husband about it. I've never been there.

            2. I love burgers too! Five Guys is defintely one of my faves. From the chains, I love the Blue Cheese burger at Red Robin. Andy's is not even on the radar for me. Their meat lacks a bit in flavor, and there is no originality (if that even makes sense since we're talkin' about burgers) in their burger as a whole. I haven't been to Fat Daddy's since my college days, but I liked the whole experience of ordering and creating your burger yourself. Never tried nor knew that Angus Barn served burgers. I live real close to AB so I may need to keep that info handy. Char Grill is still a local institution as far as burgers and dogs go. Recently tried the one at Cary, and the burgers are still as good as the one I used to frequent near NCSU. Finally, I love the bison burgers at Ted's as mentioned above. Bison is so much better for you and it tastes great! Also, they have great burgers and Bison burgers at Dakota Grill in Morrisville.