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Jun 27, 2007 12:08 PM

MSG [moved from Austin board]

Does anyone ever ask for "No Msg" when they go to an Asian restaurant? What is the deal with Msg anyway. I it like salt? Can they leave it out of your meal really? Is there a restaurant around that does not use it ever?

I hate asking.........but i'm pretty sure that it's what is making my lips numb.

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  1. Soy sauce contains a great deal of naturally occuring MSG.
    So if you ask to hold the MSG, ask to hold the soy sauce too.
    Pretty tough to do in an Asian joint.

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    1. re: Covert Ops sauce doesn't make my lips numb......I realize that Msg is naturally occurring in some foods. Maybe it's not the naturally occurring Msg that they use......

    2. msg is delicious and tastes great sprinkled on pickles

      if you are eating chinese and something is making your mouth numb, then you must be eating szechuan peppercorns

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      1. re: bitsubeats

        Never tried MSG on pickles but a little MSG in scrambled eggs make them great and super eggy tasting.

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          its sooo good. I literally dip them in msg and its heavenly. I have weird food quirks

          1. re: bitsubeats

            Any particular kind of pickles? I'm going to try this.

            1. re: KTinNYC

              I just use generic store brand dill pickles (not the kosher ones)

              I use the whole pickles and sprinkle a whole bunch of msg on my plate and dip them into it. It makes the pickles really savory tasting

        2. re: bitsubeats

          At the start of Alton's episode on black pepper, there is a bit about the numbing caused by sechuan peppercorns. There's even a technical name for the effect. There probably is wiki article on the effect.

        3. MSG is present in many prepared foods, especially commercial soups and sauces. You can ask them not to add any *additional* MSG, which they can do without a problem. However, if MSG is already present in the soups, sauces, etc., there's not much they can do about it.

          I've never heard it making your lips numb. If you want to be certain, try a canned soup from your local supermarket. Odds are that it has MSG (check the label). If you can eat it without having your lips get numb, then MSG probably isn't the culprit.

          1. Many prepared foods and snacks contain MSG and no one seems to mind too much but when you bring up Chinese food you will hear howls of protest about too much MSG.

            My friend's wife claims to have an allergy to MSG but has no problem eating huge quantities of Doritos which are absolutely covered in MSG.

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            1. re: KTinNYC

              yep, i hear the same thing about msg. I hear that everyone thinks chinese food is loaded with msg and they get sick from it, yet they are fine when they eat parmasean cheese and packaged food products

              whatever, I'll take all the msg

              1. re: KTinNYC

                Please check out the CH threads already on MSG mentioned above for news about MSG "allergy."

              2. Hey!!! are all of you guys saying i'm crazy???


                Maybe my problem is that i don't eat processed food........Like Doritos and stuff.
                Maybe i'm too "sssssssssssensitive"
                Maybe i should toughen up and quit with the whining............already...........