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Jun 27, 2007 12:01 PM

Where did I go wrong with the maifun noodles?

Help! I tried to make Mee Krob last night, but when I tried to fry the rice sticks, only bits of it actually puffed up and some of the rest of it almost burned, so I had to take them out! Was the oil too hot too fast? Did I maybe have too much of it in the oil at once? I'd love an experienced opinion on this. I basically just took the noodles out of the package and fried them in a wide pan in about 3 inches of rice bran oil, turning them over every once in awhile. Should they have been fully immersed at all times and deep fried in a fry baby? I hope someone can help.

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  1. It sounds like the oil was neither deep enough nor hot enough.

    When I've made it, I use a wok so there's a deep bit. I heat it really hot, then immerse the clump of dry noodles which puff up instantly. It is not in there long enough to 'turn them over once in a while'. I turn them over once and push down a little, to get the bit on top that wasn't fully immersed, then scoop them out with the wire scoop, and it is done. Elapsed time, 20 seconds from initial drop. HTH.

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      Thanks!...Yeah, my noodles didn't puff up at all. I'm wondering if the oil just wasn't hot enough yet. I'll probably break up the noodles next time, too, to give them more room. I didn't want to use the wok because I was saving it for something else, but it probably is the best way. Thanks so much!