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Jun 27, 2007 11:56 AM

I-40 Recommendations?

My friend is a truck driver and drives the I-40 route through Arizona to Tennessee. I’d like to make a list of great places for him to try other than the usual bad fast food. Any good recommendations right off of I-40? So far I have:

Rudy’s BBQ in NM
Big Texan Steak Ranch in TX
Cattleman’s Steakhouse in OK
Jigg’s Smokehouse in OK (Anyone know the actual address of this place?)

The closer to I-40 the better since they are on a schedule. Thanks!

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  1. Breakfast in Flagstaff: Mike and Rhonda's on E Rt 66. It's best to use the Butler exit.
    **There are two M&R's, one is on Milton Rd, on the west side of town. NO NO NO. The Rt 66 location is the original and the best for big ol' breakfasts.

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    1. re: mamamia

      4B's in Grants, NM.

      Way better than average truck stop fare, legendary tomato soup (and rightfully so).

      Sadie's in Albuquerque serves up hefty portions of hearty and spicy NewMex Mex in a large and loud space that still makes for a good hang. A few miles off the freeway, but room to park a big rig.

    2. La Posada (Turquoise Room) in Winslow, AZ is worth the stop. Heck, it's worth the drive from PHX! Great breakfasts and wonderful lunches. Have not done dinner, but expect it to be even better.

      In Holbrook, just East, and off the beaten path, but along the back road from PHX to I-40 is Mr Maestas, just N. of the RR tracks, on the East side of the road/hwy. Great lunch - SW/Tex-mex.

      Towards OK City, in El Reno, second exit heading East (El Reno just has/had two) is Hensley's Family Restaurant. Just off the Interstate. Of the places that are still in operation, they have the best chicken-fried steak, that I have ever had - third best all-time, but now #1, as the others are gone. They also have great pies, but your friend my not have room for them. Ask for the "brown" gravey, not the more traditional "white."

      I've done Big Texan, but it was decades ago. It was OK, but nothing that one could not get at your average themed steakhouse.

      Most of my other recs. are off the Interstate, on the back roads down from near OK City to New Orleans - no help, whatsoever.


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      1. re: Bill Hunt

        I gotta try La Posada next time sure gets great recs around here.

        I would add re: Big Texan...try to schedule to hit or head out of Amarillo for breakfast. That's the meal to do at BT. You get the same steak they serve at dinner for WAY less $$$. And I've been several times more recently. The steaks are right up there with some of my favorites, and the kitschy surroundings just add to the experience.

        1. re: Bill Hunt

          I also enjoy stopping at the Turquoise Room at La Posada. Dinner however, is quite pricey.

          I love the Rt 66 Malt Shop which is located on Central just East of Rio Grande (Rio Grande Exit of I-40). They have great diner fare, kick ass house made root beer, and homemade desserts.

          NOTE: Do not confuse Rt 66 Malt shop with Rt 66 Diner, which is a very popular, overpriced and way over rated tourist trap, up East on Central near I-25.