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Jun 27, 2007 11:46 AM

Striped Bass vs. Sunset Cove (Tarrytown)

I've been to Striped Bass and enjoyed the atmosphere (outside on the patio) very much, food somewhat, and service not so much. Any feedback on Sunset Cove? How does it compare to Striped Bass? Thanks!

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  1. Striped Bass is good for a seafood fix. I love Sunset Cove though because it's has more of the complete package of food & atmosphere. The Cove's patio is an amazing summer spot to relax and have a drink - you're practically underneath the Tappan Zee - the view at nighttime is unreal! For the food - the cracklin' calamari salad is delicious and the chicken scarpiello is always a hit. Definitely try the Sunday brunch too!

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      Both have good food, Sunset Cove is bigger and has a better view. For the patio area where there is a bar at both though, I feel Sunset Cove is more of a pickup place and has a younger crowd-also harder to get a table. They also have better take out patio service food at Striped Bass.

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        We went to Sunset Cove last night and really enjoyed it. Thanks for the chicken scarpariello recommendation, it was great! We also had raw clams, which were perfectly served and delicious, very fresh and good tuna, and for dessert, wonderful goat cheese stuffed cannolis. With a bottle of champagne, a great view and good company, it was a delightful experience.

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          Hi Marge - wow - what a wonderful evening! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

      2. Sunset Cove is better in my opinion.

        1. Went to Striped Bass last night and must agree about the food and service-- not impressed. I don't really think it's very good value either, and I probably won't return. So many better restaurants!

          1. We had a nice meal at Striped Bass last week and the service was fine but I have to say I didn't appreciate the stand-offish attitude from the hostess when we arrived. She was not pleasant (and for no reason at all). This was after we parked the car in the parking lot near the garbage area in the front of the restaurant (can't they put their garbage somewhere else, it really stinks, literally). So between the smell from the garbage and the snotty hostess we almost left. Like I said all in all we enjoyed our meal but thought it was overpriced. Haven't been to Sunset Cove in awhile but it was nice for lunch when I went there about 2 years ago and the views are better then the Striped Bass.

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              GIOny, I totally agree about the garbage-- that was the first thing we noticed as we were walking in. We had to hold our noses! Gross first impression.