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Jun 27, 2007 11:41 AM

black sesame & beancurd (tofu) ice cream

Okay, I've been craving these two these flavors for a realllly long time but I never seem to come across them in any Asian restaurants that I've been to! Anyone know where I can find either of these flavors in boston?

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  1. No promises, but I just recalled a friend mentioning the Boston Tea Stop in Harvard Sq has a lot of flavours of mochi ice cream; it might be worth checking out to see if they have some of these flavours.

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      I don't recall off the top of my head Boston Tea Stop's entire mochi menu, but I'm pretty sure neither sesame nor tofu can be found there. Other than going to new york, or mixing black sesame into ice cream yourself, I'd recommend trying the "convenience store" inside the Porter Exchange mall (across from Ittyo) and the Kotobukiya supermarket in the same mall. I also vaguely recall seeing black sesame ice cream at Ginza in Brookline, but I haven't been back there for a long time.

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        Thanks for the info! How do you like the mochi at Boston Tea Stop? Been thinking about trying it.

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          The mochi's good - more flavors than I've seen available in super markets, but no better quality.

    2. They used to make a delicious black sesame ice cream or sorbet at Oga's. Not sure if they still do.

      1. Oishii in Sudbury serves black sesame ice cream.

        1. I saw a sesame ice cream in the freezer case at the Packard's Corner Super 88. I didn't check it out closely though, as I am deathly allergic to sesame seeds. ;)

          1. 4 years later tonight, I walked into T&T Supermarket (a Chinese supermarket) in Markham, Ontario, Canada and found tofu sesame ice cream in the frozen section (yes, COMBINED). It's made by Kowloon Dairy from Hong Kong and distributed in Canada by King Tower Holdings Ltd.

            Hope you can find it in Boston!

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              Bubble Berry, the new froyo, gelato and bubble tea shake place in Allston (next to Deep Ellum), has soy flavored froyo the other day, which was very good. Their mango froyo had an odd, icy texture though.