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Jun 27, 2007 11:28 AM

5 Days In Italy to Eat

Last year we spent 2 weeks in Italy (Venice,Verona, Positano, Capri). The best food was in Verona, altough we wern't crazy about the town.
This year we're off to Spain for 10 days and then 5 in Italy. Where is the best eating town/city that has a lot to offer in other ways as well? This can be in any area of Italy.

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  1. Emilia-Romagna -- and Bologna in particular -- is considered to have the greatest cuisine in Italy. It's a very rich cuisine that certainly takes advantage of some of its star ingredients: parmesan cheese and prosciutto. We adored both the touring and eating in Ravenna, Parma, Bologna, and Ferrara on our recent trip.

    For a huge change of pace from Veneto cuisine, you might want to visit Sicily. Wonderful, lusty pastas. Fabulous seafood. Liquid sunshine in a bottle in the form of lemoncello. The touring there is fantastic, too. Mosaics that outshine Ravenna near Palermo. Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. And wonderful ruins in Syracuse and Taormina.

    That said, you really can't go wrong visiting anywhere in Italy. I haven't met a regional cuisine I haven't liked!

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      I agree with what you say Indy 67. Bologna is a great place to be in especially as you can use it as a base for visiting other interesting places such as Cremona, Modena, Ravenna, Parma, Rimini etc. Modena of course has the motor car industry which is worth adding to the food trips. I recently went on a fantastic tour of the Lamborghini, Ducati and Ferrari museums and manged to get a ride in the Ferrari itself! You can contact www.levolpiciccione.it for trips round Modena and Maranello. For the ham and cheese I would definitely go with Parmagolosa. I think they have a website but it's a bit out of date. I know you can get some information quickly by contacting them at staff@parmagolosa.it. The other area I am particularly fond of is Piedmont when it comes to food - here is where the food of the rich lives side by side with peasant cuisine. Turin is a great base for seeing a magnificent city and then going out to such gems as Alba for truffles and chocolate, Barolo for the wine and Vercelli for the rice. I think I could probably go on all night so I'll leave off now!

    2. I think where to go depends on what season you are visiting. The food of Emilia Romana is of course delicious but it can be a bit heavy for the summer. If you are coming in the fall I would recommend Piedmont and Emilia Romana. If you are coming in the summer you should look more towards Liguria, Sicily, Campania or Puglia. My rule of thumb--soft cheese in the summer, hard cheese in the fall.

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