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Jun 27, 2007 11:26 AM

The Mint - anyone eaten there?

I'm going to The Mint (music venue) later this summer, and I see that they also serve food. Has anyone tried it & if so, how is it? If you go for dinner, do you get a better seat? Thanks!

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  1. Used to be really good bar food, great burger and quesadilla and stuff.

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      A couple of years ago a chef named Matthew Gladstone was the chef and it was some fine dining back then. Haven't eaten there in a couple of months, but it's not been ever as good now. Still... the food is definitely alright and it's a nice place. The booker usually greets you and she's a sweetheart. I'll have a better idea after July 13, somebody I know is playing there so I'll eat something. Matthew Gladstone has a website, but it's unclear what he's doing. He was at the Formosa Cafe in Hollywood for a while, but he left there some time back.

    2. Word from the BF is that food at The Mint is...well, bar food. Not amazingly great, but definitely not the worst in LA. Better than Troubadour's food, which is better than the El Rey's food. And all better than Canter's, which serves food at their Kibbitz Room bar.

      1. You'll get better seating -- i.e., seating -- if you have dinner reservations. And if the food isn't that bad (and nobody's saying that it is), that might make the difference for you. It certainly would for me.

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          The Mint is one of those old, out of the way, Hollywood joints...It's a great small music venue, but the food is not good...bar food, at best. It used to be, about two years ago, really pretty good, but alas, the chef has since moved on and the commitment to food has gone with it.
          Still, it's a great place to see some live music, and it's also still a pretty popular place for some celebs to go and not get hassled.

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            Agree with Muskrat- if you want seating, you have to have dinner reservations. I think there were only about a dozen tables the night we went. All of them were reserved for dinner.

            We didn't have dinner there. The night we caught a show, we were driving around the area, looking for food. We wound up at Versailles, which is a couple minutes away by car.

          2. we found him!! LOL. turns out he is opening a HUGE place on sunset blvd!

            ther is quite the buzz on la.com ! anyway. i called and reached chef matthew gladstone, looks like the fine dining bar food. ( he called it global comfort food... in the gourmet dive bar.) how funny. anyway.. hope this helps.

            new place he said is being called The Happy Ending

            no website yet. just a myspace page right now www.myspace.com/thehappyendingbar

            1. thanks for the responses.

              I ended up reserving a table for dinner. We didn't have high expectations for the food, and were pleasantly surprised. The chicken quesadilla was very tasty (had carmelized onions and smoked gouda), the beef tacos were also good, but the cobb salad had too much vinegar in the dressing for my friend (so he ate one of our beef tacos - go figure - the girls order beef tacos & the guy orders a salad!)

              The prices were reasonable, the service was friendly...and it's true, the "booker" (Deana) who takes the reservations also greets you at the door & is very warm and charming.