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Jun 27, 2007 11:25 AM

Ottawa vs Toronto

I will be making a trip to Ottawa this coming long wkn and need to find out if there are "can't miss" restaurants/bakeries/food shops that Toronto lacks. I heard Ottawa has some great southeast asian restaurants, any other unique places I must visit?

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  1. the only thing that Ottawa has that Toronto doesn't is a longer Stnaley Cup losing streak...if it's still around Khao Thai pretty good thai food

    1. I'd say check out the local farmer's market at Lansdowne Park on Sundays. There's a small food court there as well that you can have breakfast or lunch at with crepes, thai food and wild game stews, etc. Check out the selection from Bearbrook Farms, they are a wild game and animal farm. Great selection of charcuterie made from meats such as bison, elk, ostrich, etc. We've also got a local beef co-op that has some great prices on top quality meat. Their cattle are mostly pasture raised and grain fed (during the colder months). Bryson farms also have some great organic and often heirloom varieties of fruits and veggies. It's also a great time to get local strawberries. Also if Art-in-Bakery is there, they've got some good sourdough bread.

      The market is a great way to spend a nice leisurely morning in Ottawa.

      1. I would have to recommend Domus in the Byward Market for brunch. When I was there I guess two years ago I had probably one of the best brunches ever. Other places I have heard good things around are Beckta and Sweetgrass. The whole Market area is really quite nice to walk around!

        It really is a lovely city. I hope you have fun!

        1. Haven't found Crerar's honey in Toronto, but it's all over Ottawa (or at least it was up until 2 years ago...). I had an aunt who always asked us to mail it to her in the states, she loved it so much. My dad loved the hard kind...

          1. Walk Byward 'til you find what you like. Plenty of choices. There is a wood-fired pizza joint east of UofO that looked inviting, but I didn't get a chance to sample it. Sparks St. Mall has some decent places as well. For breakfast try EggSpectation on Bank St.

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              Second Byward Market. A goodly number of fine bakeries, cheese shops, boucheries and delis in a an easily walkable area. Prices and selection of quality cheeses are noticeably better than in the Big Smoke.

              Try Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro for a unique and tasty dining experience.

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                Byward market is a fun place for visit. But if you dine at any restaurants inside Byward marekt, be prepared to pay more! Since you are from Toronto, don't bother visiting any Chinese restaurants since you won't find the same quality as those in Toronto.