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Jun 27, 2007 11:23 AM

DC Area Treat for Friends

We would like to treat some good friends to a very nice dinner:

- Not necessarily a fancy place, more into a small open kitchen type of place.......however money is not an issue
- They are avid wine drinkers connoisseurs, so the place needs to have a splendid wine list,
- DC/Bethesda/Chevy Chase

All suggestions are received!

Thanks in advance

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  1. Seems like you want to go to Komi

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    1. re: jpschust

      I second this recommendation. But I think they limit the number of people per table. How many are you treating?

      And I haven't been so I don't know if it is small or open kitchen, but I have heard about Blue Duck Tavern's wine list. Supposed to be good. Can anybody else confirm this?

      1. re: debit

        I loved Blue Duck Tavern when I went...especially because it has a HUGE beautiful open kitchen. (You can request a table next to the kitchen itself)

        There have been differing views of the cusine. But I personally had an excellent meal there from start to finish and a wonderful waiter. Perfect for whaty ou are looking for.

      1. Kinkead's --- rated best wine list, best seafood, best service -- open kitchen in the more formal upstairs, live piano every nite in the bar area downstairs -- best place for dinner at the bar. Not inexpensive, but very special. Always full of impotent peeps.

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        1. re: beets4dinner

          Wow! It's interesting that a restaurant with so many oysters being eaten has such a impotent clientele!!! :) I think beet4dinner meant IMPORTANT! Unless he/she knows something about that restaurant that I don't know about.

        2. Well, Laboratorio del Galileo is the must-see destination, but you'll need reservations many weeks in advance.

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          1. re: BigEats

            I'd say BigEats is right for the most special dinner in the area.

            Wanted to also add Black Salt to the list.

            1. re: BigEats

              Umm...isn't the Laboratorio shuttered for now while the building on 21st is being renovated? Roberto Donna is encamped at Bebo in Crystal City, without the Laboratorio.

              1. re: bordeauxfan

                One of the best wine lists (and the best priced) in town is at Dino. It is huge, mainly Italian, and exceptionally well priced. You can get a good meal there, especially if you concentrate on the small plates and appetizers.

                Corduroy has a very good list, especially Burgandies, and the cooking is fantastic.

                Citronelle has a fantastic list, but expensive. The food is expensive but well worth it.

                1. re: dinwiddie

                  I agree with dinwiddie in that Dino has one of the best winelists in town. It is obviously heavy on Italian wines, but it's also extremely well priced.

                  I will also pile on for the recommendation of Komi. We had a sparkling wine dinner there last year that was ridiculously good. And all but one of the suggested wine pairings were superb.


            2. I'm going to back up the suggestions for Komi, Blue Duck Tavern and Citronelle. I'm also pretty sure that Labretorio de Galileo is closed for the time being.