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Jun 27, 2007 11:22 AM

Abode or Musha or...?

Newly single and need to get drunk with a girlfriend tonight...and we like good food too. Was thinking Abode or Musha, but would welcome other fun suggestions.

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  1. Hmm...Are you looking to also have a singles scene or are you mostly focused on getting drunk? I think that Abode is an awesome sort of girls night out place. Musha is much more informal and raucous but also really fun. If this is a consideration, Musha doesn't have a full bar, although that never holds me back from ending up pretty buzzed from the beer and unfiltered sake. Other nearby options would be Montana Lounge (this actually might be perfect), The Parlor, Bodega Wine Bar, or Ma'Kai (if you're going out in true meat market style). The food at Abode and Musha is far superior to these other places.

    1. Rustic Canyon - primarily a restaurant but has a small bar area - great burger & fries

      Bodega - pretty much all bar/lounge - great pizzas

      Both have great wine lists and are pretty loud with a fun crowd.

      1. abode has amazing food that might get lost in the drunkenness - maybe if you did the bar menu? they do have amazing cocktails, though.

        i think musha is more fun and casual, and would be my choice for a place to get my drink on.

        abode is also waaaaaay more pricey than musha.

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          I just went to Abode last night and the lounge is lovely. The cocktails are hit or miss in my opinion-- I really liked the Spanish Rosemary (rosemary infused gin, lemons, cranberry juice) but didn't care for the spa water. The 3 sandwich sampler is a yummy, sizeable plate that can help absorb the drinks--it includes a spicy merguez, a jamon serrano with a cute egg on top, and a fairly pedestrian caprese sandwich. It'll be expensive to have more 1 or 2 specialty drinks though--$13-14 bucks. Pics of the drinks and sandwiches here:

          1. re: eriny

            I've been to Abode several times in the last month.. The food is fantastic and the bar scene hops. You could eat in the bar or just move outside on the patio to eat. Strongly recommend Abode.

            1. re: PaliBruin

              Me too. I eat there so much it's getting a little embarrassing! The atmosphere is definitely more conducive to getting sloshed with a friend, Musha is better with a group.