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Jun 27, 2007 11:10 AM

Special Dinner On St. John

Hey all,

Looking for recs for a special dinner on St. John. Ready to splurge and anything romantic is a huge plus. I have never been to the Island, and would love any advice on best spot. Thanks.

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  1. I think The Stone Terrace may be a good spot for you. Cruz Bay. Not sure if they have a web site but the food was excellent when I was there and the setting just beautiful. There are some resorts and hotels that have some good food, but we usually stuck to the local fare. The Stone Terrace would be my choice for a romantic splurge. Have fun. St. John is a lovely place.

    1. Stone Terrace is great and has an excellent wine list. You need to be sitting on the terrace though, and if the Beach Bar has a band across the street, it won't be that romantic. You could also try Chateau Bordeaux for a romantic setting. Only drawback is that it's not in town and requires a 20 minute drive up Centerline road towards Coral Bay. Book your dinner time for the sunset.

      Asolare would be my rec. Excellent setting for a romantic evening and excellent food. Bring your credit card.

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        Asolare is our favorite on St. John- very romantic.We go there everytime we are on the island. It has an amazing sunset view and terrific food. Be sure to order one of their signature drinks, too. The other great meal we had was at Tage, in the middle of Cruz Bay. It doesn't have the view, though. We haven't been there in a couple years and the chef's seem to move around a bunch down there.

      2. Stone Terrace is great but I think the food at Asolare is very good and the ambiance, view and presentation is more romantic.

        1. my wedding reception was at the stone terrace. Very romantic and fantastic food.

          1. Haven't been there in a couple years, but our favorite Cruz Bay restaurants were Ten Tables, Tage & La Tapa. Zozo's has a nice waterfront view and is a little fancier, but not quite as good food IMHO. I think we ate at Stone Terrace & Asolare too, but I can't remember anything notable about them. Also recommend Chateau Bordeau, but as the poster said it requires a drive to the top of the mountain. Great view, though.

            Also recommended, although not necessarily romantic, are Miss Lucy's (sunday brunch), Donkey Diner (breakfast) and Skinny Legs (bar food), all in the Coral Bay area. Sweet Plantains in Coral Bay is also supposed to be very good, going to try it when we go back in January '08.

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              Zozo's gets my vote. Beeen there a few times and it is always great. Never made it to Sone Terrace or Tage (closed the time we were there) but to be honest we found Asolare to be not worth the price.

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                We were just at Sweet Plantains last month and the food was incredibly good. The menu selection isn't large, but all four of us were very pleased with our orders. The chef was trained in New York and came out to speak with us during the meal. She's been open about 3 years. It isn't in the nicest part of Coral Bay, but the restaurant itself is lovely. Highly recommended.