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Jun 27, 2007 11:00 AM

Dinner/Lunch Options near Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh

We will be spending a couple of days late next week visting the Warhol museum and others, as well as attending a Pirates game, and are looking for casual, but excellent food for lunch and dinner in the North Shore area. We will be staying at the Priory Hotel and would prefer to walk to lunch and dinner but are open to driving if its really worth it.

We are open to all cuisines and prices, and want to avoid chains and places more for tourists, etc.

Look forward to your recommendations. We will report back after our trip.


BL -- DC Hound

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  1. Well, when you visit the Warhol, you should have lunch at the Warhol Cafe in the museum - it's run by big Burrito, a local restaurant group, and features some of the "greatest hits" from the various big Burrito restaurants.

    1. i 2nd that the warhol cafe is good, much better than expected.

      i don't recommend going to grill 36 for food. its the new jerome bettis restaurant and they are still working the kinks out.

      downtown is walkable from the northside. i suggest checking out 6 penn, nine on nine, palomino's (happy hour has great food deals).

      the strip is also walkable (if you like to walk)! there are many good restaurants there including kaya (carribean), wholey's (for a lunchtime fish sandwich and soup), they sell good food on the street and have wonderful shopping if you feel like doing the european thing (bread, cheese, olives, etc.). la prima espresso is the place to go for coffee in the strip.


      1. Max's Allegheny Tavern is on the North side and has very good German food. Also, one of my favorite restaurants anywhere-Vivo- is on Lincoln Avenue in a town called Bellevue,about 5 miles north of Pittsburgh. It would be a short drive from the North End and well worth it. Really exceptional dining. Not cheap! Bring your own wine and your appetite!

        1. Try the New Moon Fusion Cafe on General Robinson St. for good Pan Asian fusion. I would also recommend Sassy Marie's on James St. on the North Side, Muriel's on Western Ave. in Allegheny West (part of the North Side), and Legends of the North Shore on West North Ave. in the North Side near Allegheny General for Italian (Legends & Muriel's are BYOB). Max's Allegheny Tavern is a good choice for German food.

          1. Penn Brewery is over there, also. They brew good beer and have good German food. It may be awkward to walk to.