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Jun 27, 2007 10:24 AM

Looking for great meatloaf and mashed potatoes

Can anyone recommend a restaurant that offers a really good meatloaf? I tend to prefer the "Italian American " style, which usually includes a tomato-based gravy, however, brown gravy works, too. I am not too concerned about location or cost, as long as it is in Manhattan... I am beginning to think that this is just one of those meals I will only ever eat at home. Thanks!

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  1. Ouest in the UWS. It's not Italian style but it's by far the most amazing meatloaf I've ever had--wrapped in bacon and totally decadent. In fact, I hated meatloaf until I tried this. I think it's only a Sunday night special though. Maybe someone else knows or you could call ahead....

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        i know its not what you asked but the meatloaf at max is by far the best ive ever had. instead of mashed potatoes, they have this sliced potato casserole with bacon and cheese. so good.

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          I second Max

          For traditional style meatloaf, Maroons is very good.

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            I'll 3rd Max. They recently opened a branch in Tribeca as well.

      2. i'm not a meatloaf afficionado myself, but i think the meatloaf at "the diner" near 14th and 8th is really good, with yummy mashed potatoes. my boyfriend ordered it once and i tried it on a whim - i don't usually eat meatloaf! so if i like it, maybe that's a good sign?

        also, i think the meatloaf sandwich at 'wichcraft is super yummy. very moist. no mashed potatoes though, and it is in sandwich form... maybe they have a mashed potato side?

        1. There is not a lot of great food at Cafeteria, but the meatloaf was awesome. It was over a year ago that I've been there... so check current reviews to see if its decent.

          1. Thank you, everybody! I will have to try some of these out...