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Jun 27, 2007 10:14 AM

Post-softball dinner/drinks on UWS for Thurs

My work softball team has a game in Central Park on Thursday--we usually go out for a cheap, boozy post-game meal, but this is the first time we're on the Great Lawn. I think UWS is better than UES, train-wise, for most people, so around 86 & Columbus would be ideal--too far from the game and we lose people. I looked at Jackson Hole, but $5/beer isn't great for this crowd, if there's a decent alternative. When we've played uptown in the past, we've done the Cottage & V&T's around Columbia, and the Piper's Kilt in Inwood, so that's about the range we're looking at--simple but good food. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. A traditional post-softball spot is McAleer's on Amsterdam betw. 80 & 81.

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      Clearly it's not a kosher place, but they serve a turkey sandwich on "challa" with bacon? that's hilarious!

    2. Pretty cheap with a fun atmosphere -- Firehouse on Columbus at 85th (they have outside too).

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        Best place, by a mile, DIVE BAR, on 94th and Amsterdam...And they have great burgers, salsa (homemade!), too.

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          I completely agree about Dive Bar. It's the best food around in a bar setting and they have great selections on drinks (bourbon menu, scotch menu, decent wines, good taps). But the OP said 86th & Columbus so I figured that Dive Bar would be too far -- it's on Amsterdam between 95th & 96th.

      2. All the suggestions here are great. Ive always viewed brother jimmy's as a good post-softball venue. its right in the area you are looking at.

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          oh, yes, that's right. There's that whole bunch of places in the low-mid 80s on Amsterdam. Gin Mill always seems popular with the softball crowd too.