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Jun 27, 2007 10:05 AM

Tenderloin sandwiches in Indy airport area

I posted a message a couple of weeks ago looking for tenderloin recommendations in the Indy airport area. Thanks for responses. We just completed the trip. Bottom line is I was made aware of and decided to try Green Street in Brownsburg. The location is very convenient just off I-74 at exit 66. The food and service were both excellent. I got grilled and my wife got breaded and we halved. Would recommend to anyone. We obviously had tenderloins so cannot comment on other menu items but from what we saw being served around us it looked good. Thanks again for all input.

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  1. We will be venturing back down to Indianapolis for the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race later this month. We may try the Green Street Pub in Brownsburg then.

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      Davydd, I know you didn't post back to this thread about Green Street, but I caught your high recommendation of their BPT at That Other Food Board, so I figured I'd go with the master's advice. I was in Indy for business yesterday and I made sure to make time for the 10-mile trip up to Brownsburg. I'm very glad I did.

      I was born a Hoosier but moved away from the state in 1981, and I have no recollection of encountering breaded pork tenderloins as a kid. That may have more to do with my parents than their relative prevalence at that time, however.

      In any case, this was actually my first trip back since '81, so I'm a BPT novice & thus don't have a range for comparison. So all I will say is that the BPT (I got the crumb-breaded, not the battered) at Green Street was AMAZING. Nice pork flavor, intensely tender and juicy, and the breading was light and crisp. I had been unable to resist a couple of Square Donuts in Terre Haute an hour or two before lunch, but that didn't prevent me from wolfing down this giant sandwich.

      The fries were really good as well. The decor was nothing too special (it's a big place, and the room I was seated in had some aquariums, but not much else in the way of ambience) but with food this good, that's not a problem.

      I'll be getting back to Indiana once or twice a year for work now, so I hope to widen my range of breaded pork tenderloin exposure, although it will be hard to resist the urge to just beeline straight back to Green Street.

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        I did go to Green Street in August and found the tenderloin to be excellent and one of the best. We were back to Indiana last week and I sampled a beer battered tenderloin at the Ale Emporium on Allisonville Rd and I-465, the Mayberry Cafe in Danville, IN, the Brickyard Crossing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Brown County Inn Corn Crib Lounge in Nashville, IN.

        The Mayberry Cafe is a theme restaurant take off of the old Andy Griffith show. Their tenderloin is recommended. I have pictures posted to my web site.

        1. re: Davydd

          Here are some photos of breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches from our most recent October 2007 tour in Indiana.

    2. Edward's and Workingman's Friend are family owned businesses that aren't terribly far from the airport. They are both well known for their tenderloins.