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Gaslight in the South End

Does anyone know when this restaurant is scheduled to open? Also, I'm trying to find a low cost French restaurant with a good wine list (hence my interest in Gaslight) - suburban suggestions welcome, anyone know of anything?

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    1. I seem to remember from their "open call" group hiring announcement of a few weeks back that they were shooting for early August.

      1. According to management, the current goal is end of July.

        1. Was flipping through a Boston Magazine and briefly saw an article on Boston Bistros. As I recollect one of them was Gaslight with a description of the food. From the description of the decor and food I thought maybe it had already opened. Could they have had a special meal made for them (right!!).

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            i heard about that article too... they are definitely not opened and I highly doubt their kitchen is built out enough to produce glass of water (based on me poking my head in on sunday during the SE Open Market).

          2. They announced end of July (before that September 06, February, May, etc.) - but they've been working on it since last summer - don't think they'll really be done until August.

            1. Petit Robert Bistro has low cost French food and a decent wine list.

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                Second PRB. I have only been to the Kenmore outpost but the food is great and the prices very reasonable.

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                  If you're coming from the suburbs for Petit Robert, do Kenmore. They take reservations. The South End location does not, and the wait for a table can be unpredictable - especially on nice days when the patio fills up. Parking is also much easier in Kenmore, assuming no Red Sox game.

                  As far as food/wine/etc., they're pretty much the same. Some people on the board have complained about the service at South End (I have no complaints, personally), but I've been to both and love the food at both.

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                    Gaslight is still on track to open August 23 (this Thursday). Here's a link from Zagat:


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                      No longer the case, or so I've heard. It's now scheduled to open mid/late Sept.

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                        I'm going to a friends/family dinner tonight. Think it opens to public next week.

                        1. re: wittlejosh

                          Really? Huh. Guess my supposed inside source wasn't far enough inside.

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                            Gaslight opens for dinner on Thursday night, lunch begins on Monday of next week, and brunch will begin Saturday, September 1st. I can't wait to have another place that serves food til 130, with cheap drinks too!!!

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                              FWIW, I realized my error. It's Green Light that'll open in Sept. Sorry for the misinfo!

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                                OK, then. Your insider status is duly restored. ;)

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                        It's on Open Table already and the website is listed as gaslight560.com. When you go into that website all that you get is a page with the website name at the top so I guess it's not up and running yet.

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                          The profile on opentable also indicates that they're offering free parking at night and on weekends.

                      2. I'm going to the opening party tonight. Last time I checked OT, you could make reservations starting on Friday (even though the public opening is tomorrow).

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                          So what'd you think? I'm excited for it. Lunch in the SoWa area is mostly takeout fare (with the exception of Foley's, Morse, and the Buttery), can't wait to have another option. The prices and breadth of offerings seem great, Plats Principaux between $9 - $20 right? Wine list had at least 15 reds AND whites under $40. I had the salmon and thought it was way over seasoned (uber salty). The Moules Frites with pernod were very tasty, albeit a bit overpowering for an entree portion. Speaking of overpowering... those subway tiles don't do much to absorb the sound do they? Sounded like we were eating and drinking on the red line platform of Park St Station, so loud! The bar was sharp looking and the bartenders were mixing like mad, I had an Acolyte (sidecar derivative), served up in a sugar-rimmed martini glass.

                          1. re: icculus

                            See my review above. I am very excited about it! And I agree the breadth of offerings is great, at an excellent price point. I loved my steak frites and thought the value was superb for the price. But boy was it loud in there! I thought it was just me, or the fact that it was extra-packed. I loved the question on the survey about the musical selections! Ha! Would have been nice to have heard some music, but I don't know if it is possible over that din.

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                              Non-takeout options in the South End have gotten much better in recent years. In addition to Morse, J.J. Foley's Cafe, and the South End Buttery, there's Pops (excellent value), Orinoco, Picco, Aquitaine, The Butcher Shop, B&G, Coda, Petit Robert Bistro, Don Ricardo, Miami Cafe, Mike's City Diner, Mela (haven't tried that lunch buffet yet), Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe, Flour, Billy's Sub Shop, House of Siam, Thai Village. (And others, too: those are just the ones I like).

                              More on the way, too, with Gaslight, Myers+Chang (which I believe will be more than just takeout), and possibly whatever goes into the Penny Savings Bank.

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                                BTW, I heard that the Penny Bank place was going to be a Ming Tsai endeavor. Not sure if there is any truth to the rumor, but that's the word I heard on the street.

                                1. re: hsquare2southend

                                  This jibes with the skinny I've gotten, which is a French/Asian fusion place. I sure hope it's better than Blue Ginger.

                                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                                    Any time frame? Although it's been awhile since I've been to Blue Ginger, it was always very good. Another case of the chef being everywhere but where s/he started? (Although with the exception of Barbara Lynch, it does seem to be all "he").

                                  2. re: hsquare2southend

                                    Weird, I was just thinking about the fact that Ming Tsai seemed to be the only celeb chef in the area that only had one place. Has anyone heard anything else about this?