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Jun 27, 2007 09:39 AM

Gaslight in the South End

Does anyone know when this restaurant is scheduled to open? Also, I'm trying to find a low cost French restaurant with a good wine list (hence my interest in Gaslight) - suburban suggestions welcome, anyone know of anything?

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    1. I seem to remember from their "open call" group hiring announcement of a few weeks back that they were shooting for early August.

      1. According to management, the current goal is end of July.

        1. Was flipping through a Boston Magazine and briefly saw an article on Boston Bistros. As I recollect one of them was Gaslight with a description of the food. From the description of the decor and food I thought maybe it had already opened. Could they have had a special meal made for them (right!!).

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          1. re: Fort Point

            i heard about that article too... they are definitely not opened and I highly doubt their kitchen is built out enough to produce glass of water (based on me poking my head in on sunday during the SE Open Market).

          2. They announced end of July (before that September 06, February, May, etc.) - but they've been working on it since last summer - don't think they'll really be done until August.